Integration Options with ClearlyRated

Why would you want to integrate with ClearlyRated?

There are two primary reasons most companies want to setup an integration with ClearlyRated:

  1. Viewing feedback - to get the feedback about your firm into the applications your employees operate in each day so they can quickly take action on the feedback and be better informed before they engage with clients or employees/candidates.
  2. Automating feedback collection - collecting feedback from your clients or employees/candidates closer to the experience they had with your firm is extremely valuable and is most efficient when automated through an integration with your CRM, ATS, or other operational management application.

ClearlyRated provides options for addressing both of these integration needs for most industries we work in.  Continue reading to get more details on your options.  We are making significant investments in integration options for ClearlyRated right now, so you can expect to see more options become available on a regular basis.

Viewing Feedback Integration Options

Getting your feedback into the applications that your employees work in everyday gives your firm the best chance of addressing issues quickly and being well informed when engaging with clients or employees/candidates.  There are many ways to accomplish this and depending on your needs and technology infrastructure there might be one that makes more sense for your firm.


Option 1 - Supported CRM or ATS Response View Integration

ClearlyRated has done the heavy lifting of building an integration specific to popular CRM and ATS applications for the industries we work in, making this one of the quickest ways to get your feedback in front of your employees.  These supported response view integrations bring the individual survey response views from the ClearlyRated dashboard into the CRM or ATS with very limited effort from your IT team.  We are constantly evaluating and adding more to this list, so check back often or reach out to your ClearlyRated account manager if you want more information on an application you don't see below.


Option 2 - Custom Response View Integration

If you have access to development resources and want to make the individual survey response page from the ClearlyRated dashboard appear within one or more of your technology platforms like a CRM, billing system, ERP, custom build app, etc. that we don't currently have a supported integration for then this is an option for you.  Using our API you can securely generate a URL to an individual response page for a specific client or employee/candidate that you can set as the source in an iframe on the record within the application you are integrating it with.

To get started with this option read through our code example.


Option 3 - API

If you have access to development resources and want to create a more advanced integration where your feedback is written back into your CRM, billing system, ERP, custom built app, etc. in your own unique way then our API is probably the right place to start.  Using our API you are able to access all of the feedback we have collected on your behalf and can sync that up into your systems.  Having the feedback data stored directly within your systems can open the door to doing more with that feedback within your own systems, like additional reporting or feedback follow-up activities.

To get started with this option see our API docs.


Option 4 - Export and Import Feedback Manually

The ClearlyRated dashboard provides many ways of exporting your feedback, which can then be taken to most CRM or ATS applications and imported.  Each system is a little different on what they allow and support as far as importing data and unfortunately this requires time to manually export and import.  However, it can be a quick way to get feedback in front of your employees. Typically, you would provide a unique contact record ID from your CRM or ATS in the survey data list that you provide ClearlyRated, which will be added as a custom field and available in the export of your feedback.  This allows you to directly map feedback to specific contacts.  If that isn't an option then email address is typically also a great way to map feedback data.

View the "How to Download Reports" tutorial to get started.



Automating Feedback Collection Options

Automating feedback collection as close to the service experience as possible has significant benefits to service companies. Retaining your best customers is much easier to do if you know there is a service issue when it happens instead of months down the road, but collecting feedback at the point of the experience can be difficult to do without automation.  That is why we are building integrations with popular CRM, ATS, time & billing, and practice management applications to automate that feedback collection.  We have started with the staffing industry and will be building for other industries as well.

  • Bullhorn (staffing) - contact our sales team or your ClearlyRated account manager to discuss setting this up for your firm
  • More in the works - let us know which apps you would like to see us create automation for