for HR Service Providers

Satisfaction surveys that make you smile

As a provider of outsourced HR services - you may cringe at the thought of sending a satisfaction survey to your clients. And we get it - asking for honest, transparent feedback from clients is a healthy exercise that can double as a bitter form of medicine.

But what if client surveys could do more than identify service failures? What if - with the same amount of effort - a satisfaction survey could amplify the voices of your company's most devoted clients, and fuel a passion for service excellence across your internal team?

Welcome to ClearlyRated

ClearlyRated is a simple Net Promoter® Score survey package designed to help PEOs, ASPs, HROs, and RPOs leverage client feedback in a way that protects existing revenue, celebrates service wins, and powers your firm's growth.

The process is simple, the results are exponential

Survey clients with an
NPS survey designed for accounting firms

Easily identify and efficiently address
client service issues 

Gather testimonials and shout outs from clients who love you

Build online reputation with client ratings on

Differentiate by earning  
Best of HR Services


Over 62% of clients who experience a service quality issue will consider leaving their HR service provider. 

HR service buyers rank service quality the single most influential factor to consider when selecting a firm.

85% of HR services clients would consider leaving their existing firm if they received a referral from their personal or professional networks.

The time to act is now.