Prioritize DEI with
ClearlyRated's Employee Survey

The only employee survey that drives meaningful progress on diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI)

ClearlyRated helps B2B firms collect actionable employee feedback to better retain staff, while providing critical insights to make their places of work more inclusive, equitable, and engaging for all professionals—regardless of their identity

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The ClearlyRated Employee Survey Program features:

  • Identity-based questions and industry benchmarks to help you measure the diversity of your firm's workforce.
  • Satisfaction benchmarks that can be segmented by identity and demographics to identify (and address) disparities in the employee experience.
  • Questions designed to weigh employees' perceptions about belonging, meritocracy, and commitments to diversity within your organization
  • Anonymous survey responses so that your employees are supported in providing candid feedback without fear of retaliation.

Combat implicit bias with real data

One of the reasons that I lean so heavily on data when speaking about issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion is that cold hard facts are one of the most powerful ways to combat bias.

—Eric Gregg, CEO & Founder of ClearlyRated

When striving to make meaningful progress in the realm of diversity, equity, and inclusion, implicit biases within individuals and across the organization must be identified and addressed. The ClearlyRated Employee Survey is designed to arm business leaders with real data to uncover and combat implicit bias.

The ClearlyRated Employee Survey Program utilizes a 13-question digital survey to help business service firms:

  • Measure employee satisfaction, and examine whether it varies by demographic.
  • Assess your team’s perception of meritocracy within the organization.
  • Understand how your employees assess your diversity efforts.
  • Uncover whether your employees feel they belong at your organization.

Don't let a lackluster employee experience disrupt your business performance

We know that the members of your internal team are the lifeblood of your clients' experiences. We also know that employee turnover represents a huge expense, and that unexpectedly losing a key employee can create outsized disruption in already uncertain times. That's why ClearlyRated's employee survey starts with a question that is a key indicator of retention: the Net Promoter® Score question.

All employees are invited to provide a summary of the reason for the ratings they provide on the Net Promoter scale, and this combined qualitative and quantitative feedback provides deep insights for leadership to get ahead of costly employee churn and meaningfully improve the employee experience.

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While employees who respond to the ClearlyRated survey will maintain anonymity (to protect your staff from retaliation and to encourage open and honest responses), your firm can leverage answers to the Net Promoter Score question to:

  • Benchmark employee satisfaction within your organization and compare across other firms in your industry.
  • Identify opportunities for improved employee engagement.
  • Diagnose and address satisfaction disparities across teams, managers, or employee identity groups.

More than just measurement...

Retention is of the utmost importance, but employee sentiment and engagement are equally critical for building a resilient culture and business in our modern times.

Beyond simply measuring employee satisfaction and identifying opportunities to improve the employee experience, the ClearlyRated Employee Survey Program is designed to help business service firms celebrate what's working well, and to further engage employees in building a culture worth talking about.

Capture employee testimonials that tell the story of your company's culture.

Members of your internal team will be invited to share what they like best about working at your company so that you may share it anonymously online or use it as part of your recruiting materials.


These testimonials will of course be anonymous, and they will provide valuable perspective that can be added to your hiring materials, to your website, or shared on social media with our handy social sharing feature.

Invite cross-team recognition and support with colleague-to-colleague Shout Outs.

Your staff will also be invited to recognize their peers, colleagues, and fellow team members with ClearlyRated’s Shout Outs feature.

Each Shout Out generates an email notification, which can be distributed to your internal team in whatever capacity is most efficient and powerful for you.

Get recognized for the remarkable employee experience at your firm with an industry award for employee satisfaction.

Beyond leveraging survey responses to boost morale internally, it's important to us that measurable proof of an exceptional employee experience receives external recognition to help your firm differentiate in the employer market, and make it easier for prospective candidates and clients alike to say "yes" when considering working with your firm.

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As with the ClearlyRated client and placed talent surveys, ClearlyRated will be validating employee survey responses for firms who participate in the ClearlyRated Employee Survey Program, and for those who meet certain eligibility criteria, we will administer an award recognizing that firm for their outstanding efforts towards internal employee satisfaction. Your award win comes with resources to help you brand yourself as a winner, and your profile page is updated with your award history.