Microsoft Dynamics Integration


Why Activate the Microsoft Dynamics Integration?

With ClearlyRated’s Microsoft Dynamics integration, feedback from your ClearlyRated survey program is accessible in the detail view of your contacts within Dynamics. This feature allows for all satisfaction scores and feedback to be easily accessible in one place without having another login to another piece of software.

  • Easy to access directly in Microsoft Dynamics
  • Account Manager access to real-time information that improves client relationships
  • Historical satisfaction scores and feedback seamlessly visible within a contact’s Dynamics record

Microsoft Dynamics Integration Setup Process

ClearlyRated survey responses can be displayed within the Dynamics interface on Contact pages. This allows you to see survey responses associated with each contact without leaving Dynamics.

Before you begin:  To get started you'll first need to make sure you have completed the required setup steps within the ClearlyRated dashboard, by logging into your dashboard and going to Manage > Integrations. After you have completed these steps you can follow the directions below to complete your setup for the ClearlyRated Microsoft Dynamics integration.


Getting Started: To set up your ClearlyRated Integration in Dynamics will need your Microsoft Dynamics administrator to go through the following setup steps.

1. Pre-requisites that must all be met to continue with the setup.

  • Your Dynamics version needs to be Dynamics 365, Dynamics 2016 (on-premise), or higher.
  • You will need to be logged into Dynamics with a user account that has the System Administrator role.
  • You must have completed the 'Before You Begin' step referenced above.
  • You need to download this JavaScript web resource package to be installed in a step below: ClearlyRated_SurveyResponses

2. Go to the Customize the System area.

  • Click the gear icon at the top right menu bar and click on 'Advanced Settings'
  • The settings page will then display.  At the top menu bar click on the arrow down to the right of 'Settings' and then under the 'Customization' section click on the 'Customizations' link.
  • Click on the 'Customize the System' link to open the customizations interface.

3. Add the ClearlyRated tab to the Contact entity.

  • Expand the 'Entities' section and find the 'Contact' section and click on 'Forms'.
  • Locate the 'Contact' form that is the 'Form Type' of 'Main' and click on it.
  • On the left side menu the current tabs will display.  Click on the 'Insert' menu option and select 'One Column 1 Tab'.
  • At this point you probably want to change the tab order so the new ClearlyRated tab appears to the far right on the contact record.  To do this click the new tab section that was added and drag it down the page just above the 'Footer'.

4. Rename the tab to ClearlyRated and add web resource event.

  • Verify you have selected the new tab by seeing that it has a blue outline.  If it isn't selected please do so.
  • With the new tab selected click on 'Change Properties' under the 'Home' menu.
  • A 'Tab Properties' window will appear.  Within that window make the following adjustments:
    • 'Name' should be: tab_ClearlyRated  (it is critical that it matches this exactly for the integration to work properly)
    • 'Label' should be: ClearlyRated
    • The following checkboxes should be checked:
      • Show the label of this tab on the form
      • Expand this tab by default
      • Visible by default
    • Click on 'Events' tab and then expand the 'Form Libraries' section and click on the 'Add' button under 'Form Libraries' to begin adding the ClearlyRated_SurveyResponses web resource to your tab.
    • Click on 'New' in the bottom left corner of the web resources lookup window, which should make a new window appear with the web resource creation page.
    • This is where you will need the ClearlyRated_SurveyResponses.js file you downloaded in previous steps.  If you don't have it yet, download and unzip it from here: ClearlyRated_SurveyResponses
    • Fill out the 'Web Resource: New' form as described below:
      • 'Name' should be: ClearlyRated_SurveyResponses.js
      • 'Display Name' should be: ClearlyRated_SurveyResponses.js
      • 'Type' should be: Script (jscript)
      • 'Language' should be: English
    • Click on the 'Browse' button and select the copy of ClearlyRated_SurveyResponses.js that you just downloaded and unzipped.  There is a readme file provided in the zip that gives you more details on customizing and troubleshooting the Javascript.
    • Click the 'Save' button and then click the 'Publish' button to make the web resource available.  Failure to save and publish will prevent the integration from working
    • After saving the new web resource it should now be visible and selected in the 'Lookup Record' popup.  Make sure it is checked and click 'Add'.
    • Now that you have completed adding the web resource we can add it to the 'Event Handlers' on the 'Tab Properties' dialog.  Expand the 'Event Handlers' section and click the 'Add' button.
    • This will make a 'Handler Properties' dialog appear.  Configure it as described below:
      • 'Library' should be: new_ClearlyRated_SurveyResponses.js (the web resource you just uploaded in the prior step)
      • 'Function' should be: Sdk.formTabStateChange (it is critical that this match exactly and it is case sensitive)
      • Make sure 'Pass execution context as first parameter' is checked, which is also critical to the integration working properly
    • Click 'OK' on the 'Handler Properties' dialog to save your changes.
    • Click 'OK' on the 'Tab Properties' dialog to save all of your changes.

5. Add the ClearlyRated IFRAME to the newly created ClearlyRated tab.

  • Verify you have selected the ClearlyRated tab by seeing that it has a blue outline.  If it isn't selected please do so.
  • Click on the 'IFRAME' button under the 'INSERT' menu.
  • An 'Add an IFRAME' dialog will appear.  Complete the form as described below:
    • 'Name' should be: ClearlyRated
    • 'URL' should be:
    • Ensure that 'Pass record object-type code and unique identifier as parameters' is NOT checked (if it is checked it will break the integration)
    • 'Label' should be: Survey Responses
    • Ensure that 'Display label on the Form' is NOT checked
    • Ensure that 'Restrict cross-frame scripting, where supported.' is NOT checked
    • Click on the 'Formatting' tab and update the 'Number of Rows' to be 36 (adjustable later if you like) to accommodate the height of the ClearlyRated user interface.
    • Click on the 'OK' button to save your changes.

6. Save and publish the 'Contact' form to activate your new ClearlyRated tab!

  • Click the 'Save' button on the top left of the page.  Ensure the save has time to complete before moving on.
  • Click the 'Publish' button on the top left of the page.  A dialog will appear as it publishes.

7. Once the save and publish are complete you should be all done and able to see the new ClearlyRated tab on your contact records!

  • How does my team access the survey data? The survey data is displayed in the detail area on a contact or lead. 
  • Where is the survey data stored? The survey data is hosted within the ClearlyRated dashboard. The data is not accessible via search or any other reporting tools within Microsoft Dynamics.
  • Who will have access to this information from my team? Permissions are set at the Microsoft Dynamics level, not at the ClearlyRated level.
  • Do I have access to the integration? If you’re currently using Microsoft Dynamics and are subscribed to ClearlyRated at the premium package level or higher - the integration is available to you at no extra cost!