Bullhorn Integration

ClearlyRated Integrations with Bullhorn!

Bullhorn Integration Setup

As a marketplace partner with Bullhorn our setup process is extremely simple.  All you have to do is open a Bullhorn support ticket and request that the ClearlyRated marketplace integration be turned on. The Bullhorn and ClearlyRated support teams get it all setup and activated for you, notifying you when it is all setup!

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  • How does my team access the survey data? The survey data is a custom tab in the contact or candidate record navigation 
  • Where is the survey data stored? The survey data is hosted within the ClearlyRated dashboard. The data is not accessible via search or any other reporting tools with Bullhorn.
  • Does the integration apply to both client and candidates? Yes, the ClearlyRated tab appears in both client and candidate contact records.
  • Who will have access to this information from my team? Permissions are set at the Bullhorn level, not at the ClearlyRated level. If you’re a Novo user, you can set a user tab permission by user types within Bullhorn.  
  • Do I have access to the integration? If you’re currently utilizing Bullhorn and are subscribed to ClearlyRated at the premium package level or higher - the integration is available to you at no extra cost!
Why Activate the Bullhorn Integration?

With ClearlyRated’s Bullhorn integration, feedback from your ClearlyRated survey program is accessible in a custom tab within the Bullhorn platform. This feature allows for all client and candidate’s information, including their satisfaction scores and feedback, to be easily accessible in one place.

  • Easy to navigate custom tab in Bullhorn ATS
  • Account Manager and Recruiter access to real-time information that improves client and candidate relationships
  • Historical satisfaction scores and feedback seamlessly visible within a contact’s Bullhorn record