NPS® for
Accounting Firms

Net Promoter® Score 'Fast Facts'


For 2023 Accounting Industry NPS® Benchmarks:

For an in-depth overview of NPS for accounting firms:

Why NPS? 

The Net Promoter survey methodology is the only client survey that measures loyalty behavior as a proxy for satisfaction. Tying this short, simple survey question directly to clients' willingness to refer your firm allows you to: 

Hear what your clients think

Identify service wins and issues

Benchmark service quality

Identify referral prospects

Know before you go...

Many accounting leaders fail to realize a full return on their satisfaction survey investment. The crux of the issue? Finding opportunities go beyond measurement with NPS.

Going further with NPS includes:

  • Promptly addressing any issues with detractors.
  • Celebrating and encouraging promoters to help build your firm’s reputation.
  • Incorporating feedback and testimonials from your NPS initiative for use in marketing collateral and sales conversations.
  • Cultivating a firm-wide passion (maybe even obsession!) for service quality and delivering consistently remarkable client service.

At ClearlyRated, we believe a well-designed NPS survey program should place your firm’s service levels at the center of your marketing strategy - from retention and account growth to industry differentiation and improving your online search results.