ClearlyRated Testimonials
from Accounting Firms

"The information received from doing the survey has been extremely valuable to our firm in getting an unbiased view of how our clients perceive us. The reporting tools are effective and very easy to use.”

Jonathan Biffis
Chief Operating Officer

"ClearlyRated has an outstanding support team that provides very quick responses to my questions and helps our company better understand and filter the information we receive. Really a smart (and friendly) team across the board.

Sean Smith
Chief Marketing Officer
Schneider Downs

"The ClearlyRated team takes care of almost everything. It is a very easy way to get feedback and testimonials that you can use to promote your business.

Healther MacDonald-Santiago
Director, Marketing & Communications
Crowe Soberman LLP

"It was a very straightforward and easy process that generated good participation from our clients not to mention significant and valuable feedback that we can work with.

Margo Sunter
Chief Operating Officer

"ClearlyRated has been a fantastic way to gauge how we are doing with our clients: the good and the 'needs improvement'. Our account manager has been an amazing partner with us, especially through COVID when we needed to push out our spring send due to the tax deadline being extended.

Jill Zozula
Director of Marketing & Business Development

"ClearlyRated has created an incredibly user-friendly system, and the team support is always helpful and prompt. Working with ClearlyRated is a pleasure, and we have learned so much about our clients.

Jack Kolmansberger
Chief Marketing Officer
Herbein + Company, Inc.

"The ClearlyRated team made the whole process very easy. Our account manager, Ryen, is very helpful and responsive and the dashboard is easy to use.

Becca (Davis) Johns
Director of Practice Growth
Rea & Associates

"ClearlyRated provides a close partnership in working with us on varying needs - flexibility, adaptability, value of the data, guidance on best practices, etc.

Jade Reichling
Director of Client Experience

"I was very happy with the customer service. This was our first time doing a client survey with ClearlyRated and they made the process seamless.

Hannah Leese
Marketing Manager
Friedman LLP

"ClearlyRated truly walks the walk and leads the way when it comes to client satisfaction. They are always going above and beyond to make their clients lives a little easier.

Emily Cory
Marketing Supervisor
Lindquist LLP

"Easy to use and understand, great reporting capabilities, great customer service.

Susan Ashley
Marketing Manager
Thompson Greenspon

"Great tool. Great support. Actionable results.

Diane Gallagher
Marketing Director

"From what I have experienced so far, ClearlyRated has their process together! From the researched questions to the dashboard to the best practice suggestion, the entire program is well thought out.

Jenni Fleck Jones
Marketing & College Recruiting
Belfint Lyons & Shuman, CPAs

"We're big fans of ClearlyRated and greatly appreciate our 5 year partnership! There are so many benefits - including our account manager, Zita, who is super proactive and always helpful. Thank you for another great year!

Julie James
Director of Marketing
Stern Cohen

"Customer service is phenomenal; Our account manager is always available to answer any questions I have and offers tons of support when needed!

Melissa Roberson
Marketing Director
McKonly & Asbury

"ClearlyRated’s project and sales teams are very responsive, knowledgeable and easy to work with.

Carrie Hankey
Director of Marketing and Business Development
Aronson LLC

"The process of setting up the survey, conducting and results went smoothly. Great customer service and product.

Amanda Freund
Marketing Manager
Smith Schafer & Associates, LTD.

"The ClearlyRated account managers are with you every step of the way. The platform allows for simple record keeping and reporting.

Erin Bonin
Marketing Director
Kruggel Lawton CPAs

"The ClearlyRated team has every angle covered during the process and makes it super easy to implement. All the data we get from this each year is outstanding and highly valuable!

Jennifer Cantero
Director of Marketing & Sustainability
Senisba San Filippo

"Working with the team at ClearlyRated has been a great experience. They are always quick to answer all of our questions and have been so helpful in many ways, especially Lauren, she is fantastic! From our team to yours, THANK YOU!

Amy Curcio
Director of Marketing
James Hamlin & Co., P.C.

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