Talking About NPS


What is "Good" Net Promoter Score?

There are a variety of ways to share your NPS and prove to others that you have a great NPS Score! You can benchmark your office to the company overall NPS, or compare yourself to our industry benchmarks or look how you stack up to a familiar way. It depends on who your audience is and what you are trying to communicate. Every branch manager should have a few key metrics on hand to help speak about the NPS Survey. The handful listed below are incredibly helpful when talking to consultants about what they can expect from you.

Key Metrics:

  • Office NPS
  • [Brand] NPS
  • Industry NPS
  • % of Promoters

Familiar Brands:


Additionally, here are a few talking points to use when sharing your survey results and benchmarks:

“Our office NPS is a [branch NPS], compared to the industry average of 11%. We work really hard to set the bar higher at [brand]for what an excellent consultant experience looks like.”


“We collect feedback from our consultants throughout their assignment (not just when they start!). [Brand] currently has a XX% NPS- that’s nearly [X] times the industry average (24%).”


“[XX]% of our consultants say that they are highly likely to recommend us to a friend!”