How to Download Your
Non-Response List

Downloading a Non-Response list without segmentation:
  • Log into your dashboard and select the Active survey you would like to send reminders for.
  • Download the non-response list from the report menu at the top right of the page labeled Reports.
  • Open the .csv file and identify the people you would like to resend the survey link to. When you click on their name under the "email_link" column, an automated message will populate into your email system with the contacts unique survey link. The email will contain a pre-populated message which you can edit as needed.
  • If your email settings do not allow you to use the “one-click” method to resend the link, you can copy and paste their survey link from the same spreadsheet. Copy and paste the link into a short email to the client whose name appears on the same line, asking them to take a minute to provide their feedback. The survey link looks like this:


PLEASE READ!: Each link is unique to the person showing on the same line. DO NOT reuse the same link for multiple contacts. The survey attached to each link will only record one completed response and is recorded for the person whose name appears on the same line in the non-response sheet, regardless of who you send it to.

Downloading a Non-Response list with segmentation by Account Manager/Recruiter:

This feature is available to clients with a Plus or higher subscription. It's useful if you'd like to distribute a non-response list by person or location!

  • Log into your dashboard and select the survey for which you would like to download a non-response list
  • Select the Account Manager or Recruiter segment by clicking on the plus sign
  • You can also skip that step and click the gray box with the down arrow
  • Or you can expand to see the segment to see all the names of the Account Managers
  • Then, click on the gray box with the down arrow and navigate to Non-Responses and select the file format for the download
  • A green box will appear on on the left-hand side of your computer screen that will let you know when the file is ready to download to your computer