Internal Staff Reminder Email

The initial employee survey invitation and the reminder survey invitation are sent from ClearlyRated and signed by our CEO, Eric Gregg. After the initial employee invitation and before the survey reminder that are sent by ClearlyRated, we recommend that a reminder email is sent from your HR department or the CEO of your company, encouraging your employees to take the survey. While no one on your team can download a non-response list for employee surveys to protect employee anonymity, you can send a company-wide email letting your employees know why it's important for them to give feedback on working at your company.

Below is an email template that you can use to send to your internal staff to encourage them to take the time to complete the employee survey.

Hi Team,

I hope everyone has received the email from ClearlyRated, the administrator of our employee survey. The purpose of the survey is to provide us with insight and confirmation of the top drivers of employee engagement and satisfaction.

We will receive the survey report from ClearlyRated by [approximate date] and plan to share the results at our Quarterly Review and use the data to serve as a benchmark for evaluating our HR and people practices. Your feedback helps identify our organization’s strengths as well as opportunities for improving our employee experience. Please know that your feedback will be completely anonymous. We want to have your candid assessment of what most engages you at [brand].

Please complete the online survey no later than [date] (it takes about 5-7 minutes) using the unique link that was sent to your email address from ClearlyRated. If you can't find the link from ClearlyRated, please be on the lookout for the reminder email that will be sent from them with your unique link.

Thanks in advance for taking the time to give your feedback. I appreciate it!