Service Insights from ClearlyRated

The true ROI of any Client Experience (CX) program comes from the action your firm takes with the client data you’ve gathered. The more comprehensive the action, the higher ROI from your program! That means addressing both negative feedback (to identify and protect at-risk revenue) AND positive feedback (to build reputation and earn new business).  […]

Diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace (“DEI” for short) is a top-of-mind topic for professionals and leaders across organizations and industries. It’s no different at ClearlyRated. In the past year our team has taken collective action towards addressing our own policies and culture, while also focusing research and product initiatives towards helping ourselves and […]

As a staffing provider, you strive to deliver great service to your clients and candidates. And in 2021, these stakeholders have come to expect nothing short of an excellent experience with your firm. But, what steps can you take to demonstrate your commitment to your clients and talent? And how can you leverage the quality of the […]

Staffing firms – like other professional service providers – rely heavily on client satisfaction and service quality to retain accounts, build their talent pipeline, and differentiate from the competition. As such, NPS can be a leading indicator of revenue retention, growth, and brand differentiation in a crowded marketplace.  What is NPS? Net Promoter® Score (NPS) […]

American businesses are well into #TheGreatRehire – jobs are coming back and economies are recovering – but millions of workers remain unemployed. Staffing firms completely pivoted strategies, even as their own workers managed a pandemic and its economic repercussions. Now that we are a year into the pandemic and weathered hiring rollercoasters, what’s next? Where […]

At ClearlyRated, we try to approach everything from a research perspective—including our own software. We don’t just want to know if something works; we want to know how much it works and why. And thanks to our clients’ generosity, we have lots of insight into how ClearlyRated’s Net Promoter® Score satisfaction survey helps staffing firms […]

  The COVID-19 pandemic has affected the recruitment marketing industry in unprecedented ways. With remote work policies now being the norm, companies have had to adapt their activities and habits to accommodate employees, customers and partners in the safest way possible. And as the demand increases for certain industries, other sectors are struggling to stay […]

In June 2020, we committed to using ClearlyRated’s resources and platform to help address the systemic injustices that came to a more collective national awareness as a result of the George Floyd protests. While we’ve been collaborating with other organizations in the staffing industry to more deeply understand the world of staffing professionals (i.e. internal […]

“Should I be surveying my temporary talent during the COVID-19 outbreak? I’m afraid that with all of the bad news out there currently that they won’t respond or it will seem inappropriate.”  I received this question from a client of ours; a long-time staffing leader who takes the experience and satisfaction of the talent his […]