Integrity Staffing Overcomes CX Pains to Achieve World-Class Client Satisfaction Scores

Sometimes an outside perspective can shake things up to expose lurking issues and reveal a sustainable solution. That’s what happened for Integrity Staffing Solutions, now a 5-time Best of Staffing Client Satisfaction winner.


When it came to Integrity Staffing’s client experience (CX), leaders at Integrity didn’t know what they didn’t know. But ignorance isn’t always bliss. They wanted to do right by their clients, and remaining unaware of hidden dissatisfaction was potentially putting them at risk of losing clients to their competitors.

“We had CX pains, but the importance of CX – and how NPS can help – didn’t begin to dawn on us until after ClearlyRated reached out in 2012,” says Megan Couch, Chief Experience Officer. Upon running their first NPS survey with ClearlyRated, Integrity’s score was 23% (global NPS standards classify 50% NPS as excellent and 70% NPS as world-class; get staffing industry benchmarks). It became clear to them that they needed a process to both gather client feedback and follow up on it so they could build stronger relationships and use the insights for continual improvement.

People give more honest feedback when it’s through a survey. If you ask everyone in our organization what’s the most important thing, they’d say NPS.

   – Megan Couch, Chief Experience Officer


ClearlyRated’s solution included:

  • NPS and CX education
  • ClearlyRated platform training
  • Survey execution
  • Clear guidance on how to follow up with clients
  • Ongoing support and program maintenance

With ClearlyRated’s guidance, Integrity learned from their first survey experience. They focused on improving their CX based on that initial feedback and later launched a regular NPS survey program using ClearlyRated’s platform, processes and expert guidance.

“ClearlyRated laid out a clear map of what we should do and guided us every step of the way. They’ve always been transparent about the process and patient with our questions. Plus, they’re always improving and adding to the platform which is already easy to use and produces clear, actionable reports.” 

– Megan Couch, Chief Experience Officer

By prioritizing top-to-bottom training, Integrity helped their internal teams understand the survey’s importance and uses. Now their client-facing staff know how to prepare for and respond to survey feedback. Integrity’s leaders audit client follow up after each NPS survey to ensure that every possible improvement takes place.

The Outcome

Integrity’s first 23% NPS was just their baseline, not their entire story. It gave them a starting point and they took the feedback to heart, prioritizing CX improvements. Their NPS now hovers between world-class scores of 70–80%, they have a permanent communication channel for client feedback, and their team lives a client-first culture.

“Today we want every piece of feedback we can get from clients – the good, the bad and the ugly – because we know how to respond to it and take action to improve our CX. Client feedback has led us to create successful new programs, streamline our recruiting process to better serve our clients, and more—none of which would have happened without our NPS survey program.”

   – Megan Couch, Chief Experience Officer

Increased Client Retention 

As their NPS continued to increase so did their client retention. According to Megan, there was a significant increase in retention rates along with a better client experience based on their own feedback. They were able to expand their service offerings because the survey provided them with valuable information regarding their clients’ needs. Integrity Staffing continues to improve annually with an NPS average of 79%!

For more on Integrity Staffing Solutions’ CX journey listen to our podcast where our hosts Ryen Salo and Bridget Harper had the pleasure of chatting with Megan.

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