96% of Accounting Firms that Survey their Clients with ClearlyRated Report a Positive ROI

Here at ClearlyRated, we practice what we preach. Which means that we ask our own clients for feedback on the experience we provide after every survey we launch for them. Not only do we ask the NPS question (I’m thrilled to report that we have a world-class lifetime Net Promoter Score of 86%) – but we also ask our clients other critical questions to ensure we’re delivering on our brand promise.

We want to be sure that our clients systematically see a return on their ClearlyRated investment. More specifically, we want to learn if the ClearlyRated survey program has helped our clients identify any at-risk revenue, as well as if we’ve helped our clients differentiate their firm from the competition.

Below are the results of our lifetime feedback from accounting firm clients of ours.

82% of accounting firms that work with ClearlyRated have identified one or more at-risk clients through their survey program.

Retention of key accounts is one of the main reasons that professional service providers invest in surveying their clients. It can be tempting to assume that you have a tight pulse on the satisfaction of every account, but with 82% of accounting firms we serve identifying at-risk revenue, it would be a mistake to underestimate the value that surveying your clients can have.

A proactive approach to gathering client feedback allows you to quickly identify, and more importantly, follow up with any service issues or unhappy clients you might have otherwise been blind to, ultimately preventing client churn or lost revenue. Jack Kolmansberger, Chief Marketing Officer at Herbein, directly experienced the immense value client feedback can have on bottom line when they saved an at-risk client through their ClearlyRated survey – “When you’re able to say that we saved a Top 50 client in the first year as a direct result of this NPS survey process, it quickly became logical to utilize this platform not only for the macro level of how we are doing across the board, but also for the micro level of how we are perceived by specific clients.”

92% of our accounting firm clients say their ClearlyRated survey program helps them differentiate their firm in the market.

In professional services trades, the promise of excellent service and a great client experience has become a table stakes game. The firms that stand out today are the ones that can provide credible proof of their service experience from the clients who work directly with them, and leverage those voices to tell their story.

The ClearlyRated program is designed to do just that. Thanks to our built-in testimonials feature, the average accounting firm who surveyed their clients with ClearlyRated in 2021 generated over 140 client-approved testimonials – providing them social proof at scale and hundreds of reference accounts.

Similarly, because our survey program translates client feedback into searchable online ratings on, accounting firms who survey their clients with ClearlyRated have the unique ability to publicly, and credibly, prove the quality of service they provide to their prospective buyers.

In a recent analysis of the 100 largest accounting firms in the United States, we found that even the nation’s largest accounting firms average fewer than 5 client ratings on sites such as Google and Yelp. In sharp contrast, accounting firms who survey with ClearlyRated average more than 200 ratings from their clients on their profile page.

98% of accounting firms that survey their clients with ClearlyRated report a positive ROI

This metric of success means the world to us. We work hard every day to meaningfully invest in our program so that ClearlyRated not only helps accounting firms measure the client experience, but also empowers them leverage their survey results to differentiate on service quality and fuel online reputation.

Our efforts to continue adding value for our clients include:

  • Rolling out new features to extend the value of our survey platform – including our clients’ ability to credibly prove their quality of service through online ratings (check out our Star Ratings Widget!).
  • Building integrations with key CRM platforms to make survey feedback more accessible, actionable, and powerful to your firm.
  • Continuously investing in the user experience within our survey dashboards to make reporting and monitoring the client experience a breeze.
  • Dedicated Account Managers who are committed to finding opportunities to help our clients feel supported and empowered in reaching their client survey objectives.
Still not convinced?

We’d love the opportunity to offer up more proof points and examples of how the ClearlyRated survey platform helps accounting firms accelerate growth. Please give us a call at 1-800-921-2640 or fill out our contact form to speak with a member of our Business Development team.

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