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ClearlyRated’s Star Ratings Email Widget Highlights Client Satisfaction Ratings in Your Corporate Email Signatures

Here at ClearlyRated, we spend a lot of time deliberating about how to best help B2B service providers leverage their client (or, for staffing and recruiting firms, talent) feedback for growth. In addition to administering industry awards for client satisfaction, we have invested a great deal of time and energy helping the businesses we serve translate their client satisfaction scores into online ratings.

Since our core online reputation technology and ratings-based directory launched in 2018, we have continued to work hard to help firms like yours get credit for the experience you deliver by making those real-time client and talent ratings available to embed on your website—and now in your corporate email signatures.

The ClearlyRated Star Ratings Email Widget Embeds Valuable Social Proof in Every Email

Perhaps you, like many B2B service professionals, see email signatures as a bit of an afterthought (I certainly did). The truth is, this small piece of digital real estate won’t make or break your communication strategy, but your corporate email signature does offer an opportunity to showcase the most compelling and persuasive information possible to the person on the other end of the message.

Research into the behavior of buyers of B2B services suggests that social proof—evidence from your existing clients—is one of the most powerful and persuasive resources that can inform a prospective buyer’s decision to work with you. As the statistics above demonstrate, online ratings are a vehicle for social proof that continue to increase in relevance and authority in the hearts and minds of your prospective buyers. Thanks to our Star Ratings Email Widget, you are able to embed this valuable social proof into every email communication sent by your team.

What is the ClearlyRated Star Ratings Email Signature Widget?

The Star Ratings Email Widget is an extension of our popular Star Ratings Widget feature, which helps B2B service providers showcase their validated client satisfaction ratings directly on their company website.

With the Email Widget, star ratings that populate on your profile page can, in real-time, populate in the email signature of any (and all!) members of your team. It’s instant social proof in your most heavily-utilized channel for communicating with clients and prospects, helping your firm stand apart from the competition with credible, third-party proof of your commitment to service. You can choose to configure the email widget to show your overall brand rating or opt to show a single location’s star rating for added specificity.

How to Get Star Ratings in Your Email Signature

Adding the Star Ratings Email Widget to your email signature is as simple as pasting a small bit of code from your ClearlyRated dashboard into your email service’s signature editor.

If you currently have an active subscription with ClearlyRated, the Star Ratings Email Widget is available to you at no extra cost! For step-by-step instructions to activate the widget, head to your ClearlyRated survey dashboard (go to Online Profile > Widgets) or click here to learn more.

You will configure the widget in the dashboard and then copy the generated code snippet to paste into your email service’s signature editor. Note: within your profile page settings you must have your star ratings and testimonials turned on in order for the widget to display. You can check (or update) this setting by going to Online Profile > Profile Pages > Manage Profile within your dashboard.

And, if you don’t already work with ClearlyRated, we’d love to chat more with you about how we can help measure and maximize the client experience at your firm in a way that helps you identify at-risk accounts, retain revenue, and capitalize on positive client experiences. Please feel free to contact us for more information about our survey program.

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