Product Updates

Introducing ClearlyRated Amplify & Amplify Pro

Our goal at ClearlyRated has always been to help you build credible proof of the exceptional experiences you deliver to your clients and internal staff, and to leverage that proof to grow your business. Which is why we’re so excited to announce a suite of new tools designed to make achieving that goal easier and more automated, all while allowing you greater control and customization.

Welcome to Amplify & Amplify Pro

Harness your service excellence to fuel your firm’s growth with our brand new Amplify & Amplify Pro features. We’ve rebuilt our survey platform from the ground up, creating a new foundation on which to house one of the most comprehensive set of updates to the ClearlyRated ecosystem in company history. The really wild thing? This is just Phase 1! There’s so much more on the horizon this fall, next winter, and further into 2023. We’ll keep you up to date on all the new developments as they unfold, but for now let’s focus on what’s new today.

Enhanced Testimonial Capture

Capturing social proof of your service excellence is more important than ever. 84% of B2B buyers say they trust testimonials, and more than 9 in 10 say that seeing testimonials from businesses similar to their own impacts their decision to work with a provider. Further, consistently adding fresh and unique testimonials on your ClearlyRated profile page is key to improving your Google search results.

We’ve long made testimonial capture and sharing a key part of the ClearlyRated survey experience, and this new release takes getting quality, consistently quotable testimonials for use in your marketing to a new level. It promises to increase the ROI of your satisfaction survey program and build even more credible evidence of your incredible customer service.  To learn more, watch our video about the upgrades we’ve made to this feature.




We’ve also fielded a lot of requests over the years to find a way to integrate our customers’ referral programs into our survey platform. Now with Amplify Pro Referrals, you can, and we couldn’t be more excited! We’ve made it simple to encourage your survey takers to contribute to your referral program. If you are a staffing firm that uses Staffing Referrals, we also have a brand new integration that makes it easy for your candidates to make a referral through that platform as well.  With Amplify Pro Referrals, you can even configure a ‘soft referral,’ to promote events, webinars, publications – whatever you want! We provide customizable templates for multiple use cases, and you can even create your own from scratch. Learn more about Amplify Pro Referrals in our explainer video!


External Reviews

Online reviews for B2B buying are here to stay. The world of online reviews can be a murky place, and consumers are right to be skeptical if they see a brand or product with thousands of 5-star reviews and nothing less. The flip side of this is that consumers are also increasingly savvy, and have learned to spot authenticity. Increasing the number of reviews on third-party sites such as Google and Indeed builds trust in, and awareness of, your brand.

The feedback that ClearlyRated’s clients collect from our Net Promoter® Survey program is completely authentic, and we want to help make sure that feedback is visible in as many places as possible. That’s why Amplify Pro Reviews makes it easy for your survey takers to share their experience across many reputable review sites. To learn more about how this works, watch our explainer video!




Harness Your Service Excellence

If you’ve been curious about how a ClearlyRated satisfaction survey program can enhance your brand’s reputation, build trust, deliver unrivaled business insights, improve your customer service, and grow your bottom line, there’s literally never been a better time to find out. Our new Amplify and Amplify Pro features set the stage for the future of our platform and provide immediate results for your business.

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