Published by Eric Gregg - 06/30/20

If You Want to Capture the Full ROI of Your NPS® Survey Program, Start With Your #goodnews

If You Want to Capture the Full ROI of Your NPS® Survey Program, Start With Your #goodnews

Since our founding in 2003, ClearlyRated has administered more than 5 million Net Promoter® Score (NPS®) surveys on behalf of B2B service firms who are striving to place the client experience (and, for staffing firms, the talent experience) at the heart of their growth strategy.

In that time, we’ve learned that most business service providers look to invest in a NPS survey so they can answer key operational questions like: How satisfied are our clients? Are there any issues that we don’t know about? Where do we need to improve? Which key accounts are at risk of leaving?

These diagnostic questions are immensely valuable for retaining revenue and fueling firm growth, especially during challenging economic times.

However, this diagnostic focus centers on identifying and responding to problems—a limited scope that misses a critical strategy for maximizing the ROI of your NPS survey program: recognizing, leveraging, and taking action on the positive feedback from your happiest clients…and this glowing praise is more valuable and important than you might think.

Harness the Power of Positive Feedback to Maximize the ROI of your Survey Program

If you’re not using your survey program to speak to your firm’s strengths, reinforce your internal culture of service excellence, recognize the efforts of your employees, and celebrate where you’re doing things right, you are not getting the full value of your survey initiative.

That’s why the ClearlyRated survey program integrates a full suite of product features that allow you to automatically solicit, leverage, and share the positive feedback you receive from your clients.

ClearlyRated’s #goodnews survey features:

  • Empower your team to share positive client feedback across channels (including Google search results, email correspondence, your website, marketing materials, and social media feeds).
  • Ensure that prospects have access to clear, compelling proof of the client experience your team delivers.
  • Help your internal teams feel recognized and committed to delivering world-class service.
  • Guarantee you have everything you need to prove the value of your service offerings with compelling, persuasive collateral that’s been gathered for you.

All that—plus insight into any service issues, unsatisfied clients, and opportunities for improvement.

Let’s take a look at everything our program offers to help you capture, communicate, and capitalize on everything you’re already doing right.

Our Proprietary #goodnews Survey Features Help You Capture and Share Your Own Good News

We firmly believe that it’s good business to focus on the positive, and that belief has been borne out by our industry research over and over again.

Whether we’re looking at how employee satisfaction is impacted by internal recognition, the persuasiveness of testimonials vs. your website, or the impact of online reputation on buying decisions, one thing is clear: Your prospects, clients, and employees are looking for and impacted by positive feedback about working with your firm.

As such, the ClearlyRated survey program integrates the capacity to gather, assess, and share the positive feedback with the stakeholders who need to see it the most.

We accomplish this through the following built-in features:

Client Testimonials

As part of the survey experience, Promoters (your most satisfied clients) are automatically invited to approve their open-ended feedback for use as a testimonial in your firm’s marketing and sales materials, and the resulting collateral is stored for you within your survey dashboard, ready to be implemented wherever you need it most.

Shout Outs for your Employees

With one additional follow up question, Promoters are also invited to recognize a member of your team who has gone “above and beyond,” generating a Shout Out that can be shared internally to recognize top performers and boost morale.

Integrated Social Sharing Features

With just a few simple clicks from your ClearlyRated survey dashboard, testimonials and Shout Outs generated by your client survey can be published to Facebook and LinkedIn, offering credible social proof of your team’s exceptional service to your personal and professional networks.

Online Star Ratings

Your firm’s aggregate Net Promoter Score is translated into a 5-star rating and published to our exclusive provider directory at ClearlyRated.com alongside approved testimonials, key business information, and any “Best Of” awards you’ve received.

And that’s only the features you and your clients can see. Our entire directory has been created with search engine optimization (SEO) and domain authority (DA) in mind, helping ensure that your online information lands higher in search results and your star ratings are easily accessible to anyone who searches for your business.

Star Ratings Widget & Star Ratings Email Widget

Online reputation is important, but your clients and prospects shouldn’t need to Google your business in order to see credible proof of your service excellence. We make it simple for your company to feature those star ratings on your website or within your corporate email signatures with our simple Star Ratings Widgets, which are a cinch to install and automatically update in sync with your online profile.

Industry Awards for Client Satisfaction

Last, but certainly not least, for staffing, accounting, legal, RPO, and other outsourced HR service firms, we administer a client satisfaction award to help you credibly prove your commitment to service excellence and stand out from the competition. Your award win comes with resources to help you brand yourself as a winner, and your Clearlyrated.com profile page is updated with your award history.

All Survey Packages Come Equipped with These Features

Every single NPS survey program will help you identify issues and room for improvement problems. At ClearlyRated, we stand apart by centering and operationalizing the positive feedback you receive.

As such, these #goodnews features are available at every package level. Without them, our clients would not be receiving the maximum return on their survey investment—and you would be leaving value on the table.

These are just a few of the ways that we’re making good on our promise to help you measure the client experience, build online reputation, and differentiate on service quality.

Contact Us To Learn More

It’s never too late to start focusing on the positive, whether this is your first survey attempt or you’ve been surveying your clients for years.

Call us at 1 (800) 921-2640 or contact us using our online form to learn more about how we can help you maximize the value of your survey program—and get you positioned to share the truth of your service excellence with your prospects and clients in a way that’s easy to execute and even easier to believe.

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