Published by ClearlyRated - 08/19/22

Survey Says Podcast Recap: The 5-Star Experience and How to Achieve It

Who has time to listen to podcasts these days? Well, actually, we hope you do because we’ve launched a series! But if you’re running low on time or just want to see if it’s worth a listen before committing yourself, check out this quick recap of one of our most popular episodes. 

Together, Bridget Harper, our VP of Customer Success, and Ryen Salo, our Director of Customer Success, discuss how to deliver a 5-star customer experience (CX)—including how we at ClearlyRated deliver our own. Because, as Bridget says, we can’t really consult on the 5-star experience if we aren’t delivering it ourselves.

5 Takeaways from our “Survey Says” Podcast Episode

We won’t pretend that this list sums up all the wisdom Bridget and Ryen impart during the full 30-minute episode, but here’s a handful of good nuggets to help you build a 5-star CX.

1. Customer journey maps are a non-negotiable must.

Before you can deliver a great experience, you need to know what what the ideal customer journey would look like and what your customers are actually experiencing now. If you don’t have a journey map for your CX, and especially if you’ve never done something like this before, get a template online. Use it to map out your ideal customer journey. Then be honest with yourselves when portions of your current CX could use some TLC. 

2. Create and use an Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) as your guiding star.

Who is your ideal customer? What do they deal with day in and day out? Find out what motivates them and what their pain points are. Then you’ll have a better idea of how to best meet their needs and deliver what they want

…Plus, there’s always “ICP, you know me!” When you give this episode a full listen, you’ll understand. We promise. 

3. Measure your progress to identify opportunities and celebrate wins. 

After you’ve mapped out the customer journey, consider whether there are any important inflection points. Identify where you might improve your CX. Then decide how you’ll measure and track your progress. If you’re not tracking important CX metrics, you risk missing out on opportunities to improve and to find (and celebrate) your strengths.

4. A positive CX needs to start strong. 

The best way to kick off a great CX is by focusing on customer onboarding. Depending on what you learn, this may be the best place in your customer journey to start improvement efforts. Just don’t leave customers hanging after you’ve given them great expectations. Work to maintain a good CX throughout their entire journey. 

5. Survey programs can help you measure and track your entire customer journey.

You knew we couldn’t talk about CX or measuring it without bringing up customer surveys, right? That’s because they’re one of the most effective tools for garnering valuable customer feedback. Sending a survey shows that you’re interested in hearing from your customers. You can then demonstrate that you care by responding to what you learn and communicating improvements based on customer feedback. Win-win!

Get Even More Useful Guidance

Want more advice, like how to improve CX through personalization or the many uses of coffee gift cards? Just want to hang out with Bridget and Ryen to laugh at them (their jokes, of course!)? We invite you to visit our ClearyRated Survey Says Podcast page to listen to this full episode and others.

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