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As a staffing industry professional, you know that candidate retention is a top-of-mind issue. The American Staffing Association reports that the candidate turnover rate in 2021 was 415%. In the midst of the current employment market, the turnover rate for 2022 figures to be even higher.

The reasons for what some are calling the Great Resignation are myriad. But the costs associated with high candidate turnover are consistent, and can be a real drag on your firm's bottom line: recruiter salaries, background checks, drug screens, increased unemployment premiums for newer employees, the list goes on. Those costs add up quickly, and don't even take into consideration the effects on your own team's morale, job satisfaction, and retention rate.

If you know us here at ClearlyRated, you know that we believe in the power of the Net Promoter® Score (NPS®) satisfaction survey methodology. The only way to know if your candidates are happy is to ask, and NPS is a simple, powerful, 1-question tool that gets right to the heart of their experiences.

Asking for your candidates' feedback is crucial, and any amount of intelligence you can gather about the health of those relationships is valuable. However, if you're only surveying once per year, you're missing out on so many opportunities to touch base with your candidates and ask about their placement experience.

For example, we know that over 50% of commercial staffing placement turnover happens within the first two weeks of an assignment. That's a high number, but fortunately, many of the causes of that turnover are preventable: miscommunication, misaligned expectations, scheduling issues, etc. What if you could catch those issues in real-time, and have the opportunity to address them, before they cause turnover? That's the power of Talent Engagement with ClearlyRated. We like to think of it as the difference between receiving an annual report card vs. having a road map with you throughout the year.

The ClearlyRated Talent Engagement Survey Program allows you to survey candidates at different touch points along their placement journey. These are customizable, but we recommend at least three: Onboarding, Mid-Assignment, and End of Assignment. This frequency has many benefits:

  • Build trust with your candidates. Regular check-ins demonstrate that you care about their experience and are committed to ensuring that it's a great one.
  • Recognize patterns. Identify and address service issues across your organization to improve the candidate experience and reduce turnover.
  • Plan ahead. The intelligence gained from a Talent Engagement Survey Program empowers you with the knowledge to be strategic and proactive rather than defensive and reactive to potential candidate turnover.

Talent Engagement lets you keep a pulse on your candidates' experiences throughout their entire placement journey. A simple survey, sent right to the devices they use the most, that gives you invaluable insight, and the opportunity to address service failures before they lead to costly turnover.

For more information, click on the image below to download our free Talent Engagement Survey Program Guidebook.

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Talent Engagement with Bullhorn

We have hundreds of clients in the staffing industry and we’re always asking: what's the biggest hurdle when thinking about launching a Talent Engagement Survey Program? The answer is often the same: the work involved. Let's look at just one step in the survey process: creating a list of candidates to survey. In order for the final data you collect to be meaningful, the data you start with has to be clean and organized: correct names, touch points, recruiters, branches, matching emails, correct phone numbers for SMS... even for small organizations, that can mean a lot of hours in Excel.

And who’s doing that? You? Another busy colleague? In this economy? Chances are your team is already juggling too much, and definitely has more important things to focus on than cleaning up a sprawling spreadsheet - like keeping your candidates feeling cared for and happy! That’s how Talent Engagement with Bullhorn can help.

What is Talent Engagement with Bullhorn? ClearlyRated offers two software integrations with Bullhorn which, combined with a Talent Engagement Survey Program, provide a powerful way to automate your surveys and get the data you collect into the hands of everyone on your team.

  1. Survey Automation: This integration automatically creates up-to-the-minute contact lists directly from Bullhorn, uploads them to ClearlyRated, then seamlessly and accurately surveys your candidates at the touch points that matter the most.
  2. View Survey Responses: Part of the Bullhorn Marketplace, this integration enables everyone on your team to view current and historical survey responses, Testimonials, Shout Outs, and Detractor Notifications - in real-time, right within a custom tab in Bullhorn. Get your NPS satisfaction survey data into the hands of the people who need it most - your recruiters and account managers working in Bullhorn everyday.

Our dedicated team will help do the work to get you set up, surveying, and handling responses with confidence and grace. Our Bullhorn Survey Automation Integration frees your team to provide excellent service, while the surveys send themselves. And with our Bullhorn View Response Integration, your team has all the data they need in one place to maximize the effectiveness of your candidate experience initiatives.

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