ClearlyRated Survey Process
for Staffing Firms


The only Net Promoter® Score survey package designed specifically for staffing firms.

Step 1: Prepare your clients & candidates

When it comes to launching a client or talent satisfaction survey, never underestimate the power of preparation.

Notifying your clients and candidates about a survey ahead of time gives them the chance to prepare, and increases their likelihood of responding to the survey when they receive it.

Additionally, a pre-survey communication gives your firm the opportunity to remind clients and talent just how much their feedback means to you - which could influence survey results in and of itself.

Step 2: Collect feedback

ClearlyRated surveys are typically "in the field" (i.e. open for clients and candidates to respond to) for a period of 2 weeks. During that time, you'll have a lot to keep you - and your team - occupied.

Follow up with at-risk relationships

  • Real-time 'Detractor Alerts' notify you of at-risk clients and candidates as soon as they report their dissatisfaction.
  • 'Issue Tracking' empowers you to follow up on reported issues and track Detractor resolutions.
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Celebrate service wins

  • Employee 'Shout Outs' are triggered when Promoters recognize a specific person on your team who went above and beyond for them. 
  • Use real-time Shout Out notifications to recognize service leaders across the firm and fuel excitement for the survey process. 

Give non-responsive contacts a nudge

  • Maximize the number of clients and candidates who respond to your survey to eliminate blind spots and get the most accurate assessment of satisfaction.
  • It can require a personal touch to communicate just how important their feedback is to you and your firm, so plan to reach out personally while the survey is in the field.
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Step 3: Maximize the ROI of your survey

Many staffing firms fail to realize the opportunities to go beyond measurement with NPS.

At ClearlyRated, we believe a well-designed NPS survey program should place your firm’s service levels at the center of your marketing strategy - from retention and account growth to differentiation and improving your online search results.

Close the Loop

  • Make survey results and key findings available to your internal team. 
  • Communicate to your clients and talent about what you learned and what you'll change. 
  • Commit to, and measure progress against, key initiatives that will improve service quality across the firm.

Take action on client feedback

  • One of the biggest mistakes staffing firms make is spending more time designing and analyzing their satisfaction survey than they do taking action on client and talent feedback! 
  • Your clients and candidates took time out of their days to communicate their feedback to you - time to do something with it. 

Take client ratings and testimonials to the field

  • Research shows that buyers and job seekers care about the experience existing clients and candidates have with your firm.
  • Find opportunities to feature NPS and trust-building testimonials across your marketing and sales collateral. 
  • Winners of the annual Best of Staffing award should seek out ways to capitalize on the opportunity to differentiate.

Manage your ClearlyRated profile

  • Client and candidate survey responses will populate your firm's ClearlyRated listing with real-time star ratings and testimonials. 
  • Take advantage of the time after your survey closes to update your listing and manage your page. 
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The time to act is now

87% of prospective staffing clients conduct vendor research even after receiving a referral from their personal or professional networks. Of those, nearly 2 out of 5 will look at online ratings for the firm.