ClearlyRated + Bullhorn Integrations
An Overview


ClearlyRated + Bullhorn Integrations

ClearlyRated's Bullhorn integrations offer a powerful way to enhance your survey program, stay more easily in-tune with your clients and candidates, and grow your bottom line.

Our team understands that administering an effective Net Promoter® Score (NPS®) survey program can be daunting. It's a lot of work to pull together accurate contact lists; effectively sort and analyze your survey results; and, most important, quickly and easily get that data into the hands of the people who need it the most - your recruiters and account managers who are on the front lines making sure their clients and candidates are happy, engaged, and loyal to your firm.

That's where ClearlyRated and our Bullhorn integrations come in!

We offer two different types of Bullhorn integrations. Each offers its own unique benefits, and together they can shift what's possible with your customer experience program.

1. View Survey Responses

Measuring the satisfaction of your clients and candidates is vital, and equally so is your ability to get that data into the hands of your recruiters and account managers so that they can act on it. That's what the ClearlyRated View Survey Responses Integration was designed to do: get the information that matters about the health of your customers into the system that your teams live in and depend on every day.

Featured on the Bullhorn Marketplace, the View Survey Responses Integration allows you to view all of the data you collect in your ClearlyRated Dashboard within a custom tab in Bullhorn. NPS survey data, historical responses, and issue-resolution tracking are available in real-time right within your Bullhorn ATS. Every bit of information captured from your surveys is updated in real-time, allowing your entire team immediate visibility of the health of your customer relationships.

Features and benefits of the Bullhorn View Response Integration:

  • Your NPS survey responses are readily accessible to everyone on your team within a custom tab in Bullhorn.
  • Responses populate in real-time, giving you up-to-the-minute access to new Shout Outs, Testimonials, and Detractor Notifications.
  • View historical responses - see trends, track experiences, and plan engagement / retention strategies.

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2. Survey Automation

The ClearlyRated Survey Automation Integration was designed to help you unlock the full potential of your NPS survey program. It will help you: maximize the ROI of your customer experience initiatives, increase retention, reduce costly turnover, and free up your team to spend more time with the clients and candidates that drive your firm's revenue and growth.

Using your Bullhorn data, the ClearlyRated Survey Automation Integration: creates survey contact lists, uploads and QC's them, applies suppression rules, and sends an email or SMS survey invitation to the right people, at the right time - automatically. And, if you have the View Responses Integration, those survey results populate right back into Bullhorn - automatically. 

Combined with our world-class customer support, the ClearlyRated Survey Automation Integration is a game-changer for client and candidate satisfaction programs in the staffing industry. Imagine what your team could do with the time back that they'd usually spend just preparing to administer an NPS survey. If you work for a large firm with multiple branches, the process of building and scrubbing your contact list alone can take weeks, during which time the consultants you're trying to survey could be at the end of their assignment, on another job, or bolted for a competitor entirely. And you'd have no idea why.

The Survey Automation Integration takes care of all of that for you. Need more reasons to integrate? How about:

  • Customizability - each organization is unique, and we want your NPS surveys to work for you. We'll tailor your Automation Integration to the data structures you already have in place in Bullhorn.
  • Automatically create survey contact lists with your client and candidate data from Bullhorn - no more sprawling, manual spreadsheets!
  • Easily send monthly, weekly, or even daily Talent Engagement surveys to your candidates at multiple touch points. Surveying at multiple touch points enables you to unearth service issues as they arise, keep a pulse on the happiness of your candidate pool, and demonstrate that you care by reaching out and responding to the positive feedback as well as the constructive.
  • Use Survey Automation in conjunction with your other favorite tools to create a seamless experience for you and your candidates. For example, automatically send push notification survey invitations to your consultants with WorkN.

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3. Bullhorn Integration Summary & Further Reading

Set a higher bar for your customer experience initiatives with Bullhorn Integrations from ClearlyRated. What sets our integrations apart? We offer a customizable, fully account-managed experience. Our Customer Success team is always there for you: from setup, to launch, to helping analyze and act on your results, and every question that comes up along the way.  Time is your most important resource - spend it taking action and engaging with your most important stakeholders, not administering your surveys.

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