From Insights
to Impact

Picture this: your B2B service firm has just received a mix of positive, negative, and neutral feedback through the ClearlyRated survey program. What’s next? Transform these valuable insights into tangible impact. 


From Insights to Impact

Skip burdening your staff with the task of client and employee feedback. With roots since 2003, we proudly lead the way as the top Net Promoter® Score powered satisfaction survey platform for B2B professional service firms.

Your integrated customer data platform

Step into your ClearlyRated command center—a central data hub dedicated to halting churn, with tools to get more revenue from hungry customers!

Trigger real-time alerts

Get alerted to swiftly address an issue before it escalates.

Identify and recover detractors

Take positive action to recover from a service misstep and retain your key clients. 

Recognize exceptional employees

Give employees the recognition they deserve with the built-in Shout Out feature.

Automate workflows

Receive alerts for issues and detractors and close the loop when the problem is solved. 

Build loyalists

Identify clients that are ready to refer—opening doors for business development and revenue growth. 

Identify expansion

Build an agile system for upselling and growing key accounts. 

Say goodbye to churn

Losing a client is heartbreaking—let’s not sugarcoat it. Acquiring a new customer can cost 5X more than retaining an existing one. That’s why our client experience management platform is designed to identify and rescue high-risk accounts, stat. 

Transform setbacks into successes with our powerful solution. 

Turn detractors into promoters

Detractors are customers who rate your service between 1 and 6 — aka they’re not super thrilled with your firm and probably wouldn’t shout your name from the rooftops.

Turning NPS detractors into promoters isn’t only about boosting your NPS score. With ClearlyRated, you have the the tools, support, and processes to improve customer experience before your very eyes!

‘Shout Out’ exceptional service

When a client gives your company a 9 or 10 NPS, ClearlyRated automatically follows up to request testimonial permission and identify above and beyond employees. This process generates Shout Outs, which you can then use as social proof of your excellent service.

16% of customers won’t ever tell you or your firm when they have a service issue,
yet 74% will complain about it to others

In your corner with continuous consultation

What’s worse than receiving negative feedback? Not acting on it. We make sure that doesn’t happen, with personalized support from your Customer Success Manager and an endless supply of playbooks to power your CX strategy. 

Reimagine world-class experiences

It starts with customer-centric culture at the heart of your organization.