Published by Eric Gregg - 08/10/21

ClearlyRated’s “Best of Insurance” Award Recognizes Industry Leaders in Customer and Employee Satisfaction

ClearlyRated’s “Best of Insurance” Award Recognizes Industry Leaders in Customer and Employee Satisfaction

At ClearlyRated, our mission is to help business service providers put the customer and employee experience at the heart of their growth strategy. And we’ve had the privilege of working with insurance firms to this end for 8 years. 

This year, I’m very pleased to announce that the ClearlyRated team has launched “Best of Insurance”—an annual award program that will recognize industry leaders in customer and employee satisfaction!

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How do insurance firms earn Best of Insurance?

Best of Insurance is an unbiased, transparent industry award where customer satisfaction and service ratings are the sole drivers of whether a firm earns the Best of Insurance designation. 

Participating firms invite feedback and service ratings from their customers (and, if also seeking an award for employee satisfaction, from their internal employees) utilizing ClearlyRated’s research-backed Net Promoter®  Score (“NPS”) survey. This online survey provides the basis for the ratings that will dictate whether a firm wins the award, as well as critical information about the health of your customer relationships.

First time hearing about NPS? Here are a few resources for you: 

After meeting a minimum response rate requirement, your firm’s Net Promoter Score is the single factor that dictates whether you will earn Best of Insurance.

Our goal with this program is to set a high bar: winning firms must earn at least a 50% NPS (considered an “excellent” service rating) to qualify for Best of Insurance. When it comes to validating survey responses and satisfaction ratings, ClearlyRated’s research team acts as a third party to calculate and validate all customer feedback. 

All customer and employee feedback is available to participating firms in real-time. So is your Net Promoter® Score, so you’ll be able to track your progress and will know at the end of your survey program whether you have earned the Best of Insurance award. 

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In February of 2022, ClearlyRated will release the inaugural list of winners of the Best of Insurance award! Our Product team provides winners with a robust marketing toolkit to help make the most of their win, including a set of award logos as well as a press release template with industry and firm-specific metrics to help you tell the most compelling story possible with your service ratings. Our Marketing team also goes to great lengths to ensure that the list of Best of Insurance winners is put in front of the public, with a dedicated press release as well as email and social media announcements from ClearlyRated and our partnering organizations.

What can participating firms expect from Best of Insurance?

Like all of our other industry award programs, Best of Insurance is so much more than a simple designation of excellence. We built this program to function as a customer intelligence platform, a reputation engine, a marketing and business development tool, and an award program—all in one. 

In addition to competing for the Best of Insurance award, firms that survey their customers through ClearlyRated are also able to: 

I’m thrilled to invite you to participate in our inaugural year of Best of Insurance!

The past 18 months have brought about wide-scale disruption, unprecedented uncertainty, and a heightened aversion to risk across the business landscape. I am incredibly proud that the ClearlyRated team was able to focus our efforts towards bringing Best of Insurance to life at a time when our insurance industry customers need more ways to differentiate from the competition and provide credible proof of service to their prospects and customers.

I hope you’ll consider joining us for this inaugural year of Best of Insurance! For more information on the program, you can:


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