Published by Nathan Goff - 05/7/20

2 Ways to Integrate Your ClearlyRated Survey Program with Bullhorn ATS

We’re excited to share that ClearlyRated now has two powerful ways to automate your client and talent survey programs with our Bullhorn integration.

Our first custom tab integration automatically makes all your ClearlyRated survey responses visible in Bullhorn, where your recruiters and account managers work every day.

Now we’re thrilled to offer a second way to automate: zero-touch client and talent engagement survey automation that captures feedback at exactly the right times during each of your assignments.

With these two integrations combined, your ability to ask for feedback at critical moments and have that information available at your fingertips has expanded dramatically, helping to guarantee that you and your firm are doing everything possible to deliver the client and talent experience your stakeholders have come to expect.

Integration 1: Automatically view ClearlyRated survey responses in Bullhorn in real time

This integration makes it possible to access your ClearlyRated survey results directly from Bullhorn, instead of having to log into your ClearlyRated dashboard separately.

When this integration is enabled, a ClearlyRated tab appears in the top navigation bar of each client contact and candidate record on the Bullhorn ATS platform. This tab is automatically populated with survey results, allowing your recruiters and account managers to immediately review and take action on the feedback you receive from clients and placed talent.

See it in action here:


If the contact has participated in a ClearlyRated survey, all of their historical survey data as well as any new feedback will automatically populate in real time within the ClearlyRated tab (the same way it appears in the ClearlyRated survey dashboard).

This information will include:

  • Net Promoter® Score (NPS®) responses
  • A historical view of survey feedback (including responses to driver questions and open-ended responses like testimonials and Shout Outs)
  • Issue resolution tracking

If you’re currently surveying clients or talent with ClearlyRated and also use Bullhorn, the setup for this integration is a simple, one-time process that doesn’t require any additional information from you.

You can contact your account manager to learn more.

Integration 2: Zero-touch client and talent engagement survey automation

We know that capturing feedback at critical touchpoints throughout an assignment is key to ensuring retention of clients and rehire of candidates. But we also know that it can be very time consuming to rally all the right technical resources to accomplish the data collection and execute on real-time feedback as it’s collected.

We built our Bullhorn survey automation integration specifically to relieve that burden and make the insights that staffing firms require for successful talent and client engagement initiatives more accessible, available, and timely.


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Getting started with an integrated, automated client or talent engagement survey program for the first time requires three key steps. Our Client Services team will guide you through each of these steps, after which automation takes over—you’ll never have to touch it again.

  1. Survey and Touchpoint Setup: Guided by our decades of staffing industry research, we will provide and set up a suite of recommended questions, optimal survey cadences, and survey invitation scripts to make your survey deployment as effective and engaging as possible.
  2. Placement Data Pull Setup: Next, we’ll work directly with you to configure our Bullhorn data pull engine to collect the right contact and candidate information through Bullhorn’s API. In other words: we’ll use our integration to source your survey list from Bullhorn and connect it to our survey software. We do all the heavy lifting to apply the right filters and mappings so the data comes over correctly without putting a major IT project on your plate.
  3. Survey Automation Setup: Finally, we’ll set up the automation schedule to pull placement data and send survey invitations to exactly the right clients and talent at exactly the right times, according to the survey cadence we established in step one.

Although it seems like a lot, the lift on your side is minimal: according to Erica Woods, the Director of Contractor Programs and Philanthropy at Apex Systems, all three steps took her a total of six hours.

Once our backend configuration is finalized, your surveys will automatically be deployed at the appropriate cadence. And thanks to the custom tab integration (Integration #1 above), you’ll receive an ongoing stream of feedback that is easily accessible by all the right people in your organization through the ClearlyRated view response tab on each contact and candidate record in Bullhorn.

Of course, you’ll continue to have access to all of our existing email notification and NPS® reporting features through the ClearlyRated dashboard as well.

An additional benefit from integration comes from the frequency of survey results. Once the automation is finalized and the surveys are deployed, your firm’s profile on ClearlyRated will be updated with the new feedback in real time—testimonials and star ratings alike.

You can expect an increased volume of star ratings, a constant stream of fresh testimonials, a positive impact to your profile’s search engine optimization (SEO) because of the regularly refreshed content on your profile pages, and the added benefit of appearing higher up in the search results on

And don’t forget—our star ratings widget allows you to share that information broadly. Whether you include your star rating on your own about page, within your email signature, or somewhere else that clients and candidates will see it, you’ll be able to benefit from the positive impact of online reputation everywhere.

Making the Integration Magic Happen

If your staffing firm runs on Bullhorn, and you already utilize ClearlyRated to survey your talent on an ongoing basis with a Talent Engagement survey program, get in touch with your account manager to learn more about how to make this integration work for you.

And if you’re currently surveying your clients or talent once a year, we would love to talk with you about all the advantages of moving that annual survey to an automated Talent Engagement survey program—including an average 28% NPS increase the first year.

Learn more about the benefits of a Talent Engagement Survey Program >>

If you’d like to benefit from everything this integration can offer, get in touch with us through our contact form or give us a call at 1.800.921.2640.

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