What is ClearlyRated.com?

At ClearlyRated, we believe that it’s good business to place the client experience at the heart of your growth strategy. And after nearly 10 years of empowering professional service firms with client intelligence and actionable feedback, the ClearlyRated team is excited to announce the launch of our newest offering – ClearlyRated.com!

ClearlyRated.com is an online business directory that helps B2B service providers translate client feedback into quantifiable, searchable information that is available to prospective buyers in the form of client ratings and testimonials. Imagine if JD Power & Associates had a lovechild with Glassdoor, and you see where we’re headed with ClearlyRated.com.

Filling the online reputation gap for service providers

Online reputation for marketers of B2B services is an imperfect channel at best – but, at its worst, online reputation can be intimidating, unpredictable, and costly.

But it’s not a channel that you can afford to ignore. ClearlyRated’s 2018 B2B industry Benchmark Study finds that modern service buyers consider online reviews and testimonials the most trustworthy sources of information about your business – not your website.

You likely don’t consider consumer-review platforms like Yelp, Google+, or TripAdvisor to be a strong fit for credibly telling the story of your business in the online reputation channel. And you’re not wrong – while these sites are wildly popular, they weren’t developed to support experience-sharing between clients and buyers of B2B services. But the growing demand for reliable, transparent client feedback has made credible, comprehensive client reviews of the service you provide more important than ever before.

ClearlyRated.com was designed to help you overcome these issues and transform the online reputation channel from costly hassle into fuel for growth.

The ClearlyRated.com difference

When you list your business on ClearlyRated.com – you’ve taken your first step towards building a credible online reputation based on validated client ratings and testimonials. No more being blind-sided by a negative review, no more wondering whether your online ratings match your clients’ actual experience.

Star ratings are fueled by ClearlyRated’s Net Promoter® Survey program – which is optimized for your industry and client audience. Client feedback is aggregated real-time in the ClearlyRated dashboard, where you can monitor star ratings and select the best testimonials to feature on ClearlyRated.com to help tell your business’ story of service excellence.

ClearlyRated.com is just one more way that we’re helping B2B service providers empower their clients to tell their story of service excellence.

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