ClearlyRated Testimonials
from Staffing Firms

"Great staff, easy to use surveys, awesome turnaround.

Jennifer Horton
VP of Human Resources

"ClearlyRated is the gold standard of our industry.

Cameron Douraghy
Vice President
Artisan Talent

"Earning and displaying the Best of Staffing® designation has been an invaluable tool for us to hold our own staff accountable as well as differentiate ourselves from the competition. It's one thing to say you provide great service, but being able to actually measure it and prove it to would-be customers, that's another thing altogether. ClearlyRated helps us do both in a way that's user-friendly and a prime example of practicing what they preach when it comes to performing at their own high level of customer service.

Scott Morefield
Director of Marketing
Luttrell Staffing Group

"Our account manager, Ryen, and everyone on the ClearlyRated team is so easy to work with. Like the support we get for marketing our Best of Staffing® award (press release and graphics). They make it simple. The survey itself is great because we can see what clients are thinking. If we have someone who rates us low it's a wonderful way to make sure we can bring that up for next year. Client satisfaction is our top priority. Same for those that give us great reviews. We can make sure we are doing what we need to do.

Brenna Barnett
Director of Marketing
Carlton Staffing

"ClearlyRated is an incredible partner! Our account manager always answers my questions thoroughly and provides perspective. Lauren is extremely knowledgeable about the NPS survey process and is a joy to work with!

Crystal Early
Sr Manager, Recognition & Creative Services

"Great tool, easy to use, provides critical information to help build our business and brand and ensure clients have a voice for continued process improvement. And I can't speak highly enough about our account rep, Zita. She is knowledgeable, engaged and an absolute pleasure to work with.

Lauren Macy
VP of Sales
AREVO / Workforce Unlimited

"Consistent high quality service and continued enhancements and updates. Everyone on the team has been great to work with. Love the dashboard and all of the data provided.

Mike McBrierty
Executive Vice President
Eliassen Group

"ClearlyRated transforms the customer/vendor relationship into a true partnership where they know and understand our business and our goals.

Penny Adams Field
Senior Director, Business Analysis
Accountable Healthcare Staffing

"Had a good first experience, worked and adjusted to our needs. The entire process was easy and the website was user-friendly! I was thankful for templates and suggestions on how to handle ratings and etc. Cris was great and Emilie was always there to answer any questions, she was always thorough and quick. I was happy with the all follow up/check ins/reminders. Happy with my experience.

Chelsea Mettler
Marketing Director
Total Staffing Solutions

"Our survey programs have been a competitive advantage for us creating a virtuous cycle of goodness. Perfect example: Most recent survey round one of our toughest clients gave us amazing feedback and the account manager told me that her feedback has inspired him to work even harder for this client. Speaking of Account Managers, Ryen is the absolute best. Plus, the technology is super user-friendly and the dashboard makes follow up very actionable.

Jenifer Lambert
Chief Revenue Officer
TERRA Staffing Group

"Provides important impartial feedback from our primary audience.

Christian Teague
General Manager, Tech Services

"Great team and they truly care about our business.

Danny Minor
HQ Manager over Nashville, Houston, and Dallas
Allegiance Staffing

"The service that ClearlyRated provides is top-notch. They continue to impress with their flexibility to change and add questions up until the final minutes. As well as postpone our surveys to send at a more convenient time for our customers during COVID-19. They truly work with us and partner with us to improve our response rates and NPS.

Melissa Clark
NPS Program Manager
The Adecco Group

"First, the insight received regarding your organization and status is invaluable. We have already started our training and action plans to help us move forward and continually improve our client and talent satisfaction levels. In addition, the support and input received from the ClearlyRated team, like Zita, is just amazing!

Jon Keil
Director of Corporate Operations
The Salem Group

"Best of Staffing® has definitely increased our brand. Everyone at ClearlyRated is professional, friendly and helpful.

Eliza Deang
Operations Manager
Mee Derby & Company

"We have been very happy with our surveys and our account manager, Emilie, has been very helpful when we have questions.

Dawn Green
Corporate Trainer
Time Staffing

"The surveys provide valuable feedback to our team. The positive responses reaffirm our strong focus on customer service and any unfavorable responses allow us to address any issues that we may not have known about in a timely manner.

Kendra Harrison-Nicastro
Director of Business Development

"Ryen and the ClearlyRated team continue to help us make an impact for our business. They keep us on track and show us where we have risk that we may not otherwise find out about until its too late.

Christine Proffitt
Vice President, Sales & Operations
Integrity Staffing Solutions

"The best product/support at a great value and provides the customer's voice at your organization's decision table. You have the insight to make the decisions that are best for customers.

Marc Bowles
VP of Marketing
The Medicus Firm

"It's such an organized and smooth process from start to end. Very glad we've participated in the Best of Staffing® program and thrilled to see that we've won both the awards.

Rupesh Mynampati
AVP - Client Relations
Precision Technologies Corp.

"ClearlyRated made it very easy for us to touch our clients, see the feedback, and share our award!

Julie Brown
Godshall Professional Recruiting and Staffing

"We had a great experience, and received some good feedback from our clients!

Donald King
Director of Staffing
LOOP Recruiting, LLC

"I love everything about ClearlyRated! I love knowing our talent and clients' true feelings; I love reading the testimonials to the company every Monday morning; I love the pride of being in a Best of Staffing® winning company. We have had two Account Managers and they have both been SO responsive and helpful.

Kat Lazzaro
Senior Operations Analyst
Extension Inc.

"The concept for such a competitive industry such as staffing is what drew us in—always looking for a differentiator. The service provided by our rep Ryen is exceptional and if she is unavailable it seems someone is always right there to jump in.

Robin Gibson
VP Operations

"The value that ClearlyRated brings to our organization and the service I get from Zita is outstanding.

Stephanie Baker
Marketing Manager
Wood Personnel Services, Inc.

"Great partner for our business, great employees to work with there at ClearlyRated, great service provided.

Penny Ziegler
Consultant Care Manager
SSi People

"The process was easy to understand. The system and process was very efficient and the staff very helpful. The knowledge gained during the process is very useful and feedback motivating for our entire team!

Janet Santa Anna
The Resource Connection, Inc.

"Front-line feedback is so valuable. It helps us know what we're doing well and where we need to improve. ClearlyRated makes the process easy, and the online tools and resources are top-notch.

Sharone Ross-Mayer
Office Manager
Motus Recruiting & Staffing, LLC

"ClearyRated (specifically our account rep) has been very easy to work with and answers every question I've had throughout the process. The resources on the website were also very helpful and useful as this was my first time managing this for my company. It's a great recognition to have, the process is just a lot of work to ensure the results you need. But definitely worth it!

Brianna Kolder
Corporate Project & Event Coordinator
V-Soft Consulting Inc.

"ClearlyRated provides support and they are available whenever we need assistance. Eric and his crew are able to take care of any issues that arise in short order and his team is professional and work very well together. Their can-do attitude is calming and they teach us how to utilize the information gleaned from the survey to differentiate our company from the pack.

Kim Green
Research & Development Specialist
Express Employment Professionals

"The service is extraordinary at ClearlyRated as are the people we work with. Knowledgeable, helpful, fun and quick to respond. We could not ask for more.

Mary Lucas
Chief Talent Officer
Supplemental Health Care

"Useful feedback, great marketing tool, easy process.

John Ennis
RJM Technologies, Inc.

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