Phone Interview Tips

Here are a few things that we have seen across the pool of applicants who completed the phone interview. We hope they will be helpful to you, but by no means do they apply to everyone.

Tip 1: Discover what a company values and address that in your interview

At ClearlyRated, we value fanatical client service. For us, fanatical customer service tugs at the emotional strings of our clients and delivers a surprise. People who directly brought this up on the phone and gave examples of how they have done that in the past were instantly moved to the next round.

Tip 2: Ask Questions

Always ask questions about the company and the position to show your genuine curiosity and interest.

Tip 3: Give Examples

Always provide an example when asked for one.

Tip 4: Build Rapport

When applying for a client relations position, it’s key to show the interviewer that you know how to find common ground to begin to build rapport with our clients.

Tip 5: Listen

When you are on the phone it’s important to listen to the interviewer and not talk over them.

Tip 6: Thank you

Sending a follow up thank you after each step of the process wins big points when applying for a client relations position.

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