Job Application Tips

Here are a few job application tips that we have compiled from the pool of applications we’ve received over the years. We hope they will be helpful to you, but by no means do they apply to everyone.

Tip 1: Show your personality!

It is always great to get a peek at someone’s personality through their email and/or cover letter. It just may be the thing that differentiates you from another applicant.

Tip 2: Read the application directions.

Make sure all requested application components are included. A lot of applicants fail to include cover letters as requested in the job listing.

Tip 3: Pay attention to spelling and grammar

The ability to communicate clearly is essential to any job, and it is especially crucial in a communication heavy position.

Tip 4: Include a few paragraphs of introduction text in the email accompanying your resume.

Tip 5: Personalize the email and cover letter to your potential employer.

Find out who works at the company or who the hiring manager is and address it that way. This makes it clear that you have done some research on the company.

Tip 6: Always mention the company you are applying to in your cover letter.

It shows that you researched the company and the job.

Tip 7: In cases where your background (schooling and jobs) don’t apply to the position, it is important to address that situation in your cover letter.

Explain why you want to apply for a job that doesn’t quite fit your experience. Career changes are a very common occurrence, but it will be to your benefit to address and explain your goals.

Tip 8: Take advantage of technology.

Include links in your email and cover letter to your accounts on various social networking sites such as LinkedIn or personal websites. This provides a lot of additional background and personality information that can be very helpful to make you stand out from the crowd.

Tip 9: Discover what a company values and address that in your email and cover letter.

At ClearlyRated, we value fanatical client service, so in our hiring process applicants who give an example of their experience with client service and how their values align with ours were instantly moved to the next round.

Tip 10: It is not necessary to state multiple times that you are a perfect fit.

Instead, talk about how your qualifications do or do not apply to the position and let the hiring manager decide the perfection of the fit.

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