Bullhorn Survey Automation
Integration Setup


Bullhorn Survey Automation Integration Setup

The Bullhorn Survey Automation Integration setup process happens within your ClearlyRated Dashboard, and is fully supported by our team. We'll take the lead and collaborate closely with you to get up, running, and supported in the exciting new world of survey automation.

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Setup Info

Every company is unique, and based on your wishes and our best practices, we’ll collaborate with you to successfully set up your Bullhorn Survey Automation Integration. Our dedicated team does all of the work, we'll just need your help to get the details right. 

Survey Automation Setup Checklist

The Survey Setup Checklist is the blueprint to success. The image below is a sample checklist of all of the data our team will configure for your integration. Existing clients will have their Survey Basics already set up, in which case it's just a matter of connecting that existing structure to Bullhorn. Our Customer Success team will work with new clients to establish their Survey Basics as part of the integration process.

Please note that this example checklist is just that - an example that illustrates the steps we take with you to setup your Bullhorn Survey Automation Integration. In some cases not all of these boxes will need to be checked. For others, we might need to add a few. For everyone, we're here with you each step of the way. We won't leave you any guesswork, or to figure anything out on your own.


Once the preliminary setup is complete and we've sent you sample contacts lists to review and confirm, our team will run a series of Survey Automation tests to confirm that your data is validated and migrating to our platform accurately and bug-free. We'll also perform a dry-run of the automation from start-to-finish - from data pull to survey invitation send. If any issues arise during any phase of testing, we'll resolve them with you and then test again.

Time Frame

You may be looking at this list and wondering how much time it takes to set up the Bullhorn Survey Automation integration. The answer is, like so many things, "it depends." But never fear!

Our team brings a lot of experience and best practices to your integration setup, and it's possible to complete everything in as little as 1-2 weeks. In our experience, however, the process usually averages from 4-6 weeks. Why? Because it's such a collaborative effort between our team and yours, and every organization is unique! We'll need your help answering questions about data mapping and exactly how you'd like your automation configured. The QC & testing processes do a good job of uncovering more questions, after which we'll repeat our quality checks before anything goes live.

Our advice: give all the relevant stakeholders on your team advance notice before the automation setup begins. Set expectations and ask them to be as responsive as possible to help facilitate a speedy process.

You're Automated! What Now?

You'll continue to have the full support of our Customer Success team. Reach out to your customer support manager with any questions, concerns, or new ideas! We're here to grow with you and your Net Promoter® Score survey program.

Technical Details

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