Integrate Your ClearlyRated NPS® Survey Program with Salesforce

At ClearlyRated, we take pride in building bridges between our Net Promoter® survey program and the technologies that power your relationship with your clients. We know that the ability to see survey results directly within your company’s CRM is just one way that we can help you make your survey results visible throughout your organization and, more importantly, get critical client feedback into the hands of the teams that can take action on it. 

Guided by our clients, we have built critical integrations with both Bullhorn ATS and Microsoft Dynamics, and I am now thrilled to announce that the ClearlyRated NPS® survey program also integrates with Salesforce! Even better, this integration also applies to Bullhorn for Salesforce (formerly known as Talent Rover), which is a Salesforce-based CRM and ATS hybrid designed to support recruiting firms. 

Equip your team with client feedback and insights

A client satisfaction survey program is only as powerful as the actions you take  (and improvements you make) on the client feedback that you receive. This feedback is only effective when it is made accessible to your client-facing staff, giving the relationship holders within your organization an opportunity to implement change.

Unfortunately, many professional service firms field surveys without considering how to efficiently and effectively deliver client feedback back to their client-facing team members. We know one of the largest obstacles that professional service providers face when trying to capture this ROI is finding an efficient way to tighten the feedback loop. 

The ClearlyRated Salesforce integration helps business service firms maximize the ROI of their NPS survey program by making real-time client feedback accessible within a client’s contact record in Salesforce. The members of your team who oversee a specific client relationship can immediately access the client’s current and historical satisfaction ratings, sentiments, and service perceptions—directly from within Salesforce. 

Access client survey data directly within lead and contact records

With ClearlyRated’s Salesforce integration, feedback from your client satisfaction survey program is accessible in the detail view of your leads and contacts within Salesforce. This integration allows for access to real-time information that improves client relationships (like historical satisfaction scores and feedback) to be seamlessly accessed directly in Salesforce. 

ClearlyRated survey responses can be displayed within the Salesforce interface on the Lead page or Contact page (or both: you get to decide). This allows you to see survey responses associated with each Salesforce contact without leaving Salesforce.

How to get the integration

If you are currently using Salesforce and are actively subscribed to ClearlyRated—the integration is available to you at no additional cost! Head over to your ClearlyRated dashboard for a step-by-step guide with built-in documentation for how to set up your Salesforce integration. You will need a Salesforce administrator to set up the ClearlyRated integration within your Salesforce account. 

If you don’t already work with ClearlyRated, we’d love to chat more with you about how we can help measure the client (and employee) experience at your firm. Please feel free to contact us for more information about our survey program. Or, you can read about ClearlyRated’s survey program for your industry here.

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