Client Service Toolkit
for IMCA

Welcome to IMCA's Client Service Toolkit!

We're thrilled to have the opportunity to support your Client Satisfaction initiatives. Within this page we've compiled a handful of resources full of best practices, strategies, and benchmarks that will help to kickstart or refine satisfaction service strategies within your own firm. Enjoy!

NPS® 101 for Insurance Providers

Net Promoter® Score (NPS® for short) is a simple metric based on a survey question that asks your clients how likely they are to recommend your firm to a friend or colleague on a numeric scale of 0 - 10; ten being extremely likely and zero being not likely at all. The Net Promoter survey methodology is the only client survey that measures loyalty behavior as a proxy for satisfaction.

Tying this short, simple survey question directly to clients' willingness to refer your firm allows you to:

  • Hear what your clients think
  • Identify service wins and issues
  • Benchmark service quality
  • Identify referral prospects

For a more detailed look at the NPS methodology:

2018 Insurance Provider NPS® Benchmarks

The 2018 B2B Industry Benchmark Study for insurance providers operating in the U.S. and Canada is 20%.

Compare that to global NPS industry standards which categorize 50% NPS as "excellent" and 70% NPS as "world class" - and you begin to see just how much opportunity you have to differentiate on service quality.

For current 2018 Insurance Provider NPS Benchmarks:

2-1-1 Client Survey Follow Up for B2B Service Providers

Learn Inavero's very own formula to execute prompt and consistent communication with your clients. Our formula tells your clients you’ve listened to them – encouraging them to continue to engage with future survey efforts.

Satisfaction Survey Checklist for B2B Service Providers

In an industry where 50% of B2B buyers do not plan on increasing the business they give their primary service provider, the value of checking in with your clients cannot be overstated. Inavero has compiled this checklist asset to help your team build an execution roadmap, avoid common survey pitfalls, and make sure you gain the most valuable insights possible from the initiative.

Fitbits and Client Satisfaction - a cautionary tale

Using a Fitbit to simply track your physical activity doesn't yield weight loss and the same holds true when it comes to measuring client satisfaction. Simply having a pulse on your client satisfaction isn't enough - there needs to be a plan in place to capitalize on feedback.

Next Steps 

For insights, best practices, and a tour of our survey platform (designed specifically to support professional services firms).