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Frequently Asked Questions

After measuring satisfaction and activating the insights, watch your business blossom — with elevated ratings, glowing testimonials, and well-deserved awards.

About Clearlyrated

We’re driven by the vision of empowering consistently remarkable, world-class experiences, for B2B service providers and their most important stakeholders: customers and employees.

Gain valuable, actionable insights that empower strategic decision-making and drive growth from day one. Here’s how:

  1. Expand Opportunities with Raving Fans: Your satisfied clients are your best advocates. ClearlyRated helps you harness the power of your raving fans to expand opportunities, turning satisfied customers into brand ambassadors who drive new business and revenue.
  2. Identify and Save At-Risk Accounts: ClearlyRated equips you with the tools to preemptively address challenges, ensuring customer retention and sustained growth.
  3. Amplify Success Across Marketing Channels: Take your success story far and wide. ClearlyRated enables you to amplify your achievements across all marketing channels, creating a powerful narrative that resonates with your target audience and attracts new opportunities.
  4. Compete for ‘Best Of’ Industry Awards: Elevate your brand by competing for prestigious ‘Best Of’ awards within your industry. Showcase your excellence and distinguish yourself as a leader, gaining industry-wide recognition and trust.
  5. Validate Client Ratings in Search Results: Boost your online visibility with validated client ratings directly integrated into search results. Enhance your credibility and make a compelling first impression on potential clients actively seeking your services.
  6. Enjoy a Feature in the ClearlyRated Directory: Join the elite league by being featured in the ClearlyRated Directory: a curated platform showcasing the best in each industry. Position your brand among the cream of the crop, further solidifying your reputation and attracting quality opportunities.

ClearlyRated works with B2B service providers in the following industries, and is always expanding efforts to provide a broader reach. If you don’t see your B2B industry listed here, reach out. We’re always growing!

ClearlyRated empowers world-class experiences —  for you and your clients. Our integrated experience management software empowers B2B service providers with the tools, data, and expertise to turn their teams into superheroes and their customers into raving fans. Enhance your online reputation, prove your excellence, and grow your business with ClearlyRated.

The integrated experience management platform

ClearlyRated’s integrations with your CRM, ATS, or other data management system provide a seamless, unified experience. Current integrations include Bullhorn, Erecruit by Bullhorn, Microsoft Dynamics 365, and Salesforce. We’re always behind-the-scenes working on more opportunities to expand integrations.

Also, our API and custom integrations give you the capacity to build a system or data workflow that best addresses the unique needs of your organization.

We provide three carefully curated packages, each tailored to suit your unique requirements.

  • Premium
  • Plus
  • Enterprise

1. Look into our plans and pricing to see what might best support your B2B service firm.

2. Book a demo to see the experience management platform live in action.

3. Get started with a free survey to gauge client satisfaction for a limited group of client contacts.

NPS research across B2B service industries points to a strong correlation between survey frequency and client satisfaction and loyalty.

How frequently you should survey depends on where your firm is in its CX maturity, whether that’s always on for continuous feedback at key customer milestones, quarterly, semi-annual, or end-of-engagement. Our team will work with you to design a survey cadence that’s right for your firm.

In order to qualify for an industry award or to have client ratings and testimonials populate on your firm’s profile, we require you to survey clients at least once per year.

Contact the ClearlyRated team to discuss pricing for various survey frequencies.

Easy peasy! As soon as you’ve registered to survey with ClearlyRated, we’ll follow up via email with a .csv template showing the fields that are required for your survey contact list.

Once you’ve compiled this information from your internal system into a compatible .csv file, you’ll import your list to your online survey dashboard. Our team provides a second set of eyes to ensure that you’re sending the right survey requests to the right people, every time.

No two organizations are the same, therefore no survey should be the same! Specific survey questions will vary by industry and organization, but all include a Net Promoter® Score question as well specific drivers of client and employee satisfaction.

Net Promoter® Score (NPS® for short) is a simple metric based on a survey question that asks your clients how likely they are to recommend your firm to a friend or colleague on a numeric scale of 0 – 10; ten being extremely likely and zero being not likely at all.

Responses to the Net Promoter Score question are divided into three categories:

  1. Promoters are clients who respond to the NPS question with a 9 or 10. They are highly satisfied with your services, and most likely to be actively promoting your firm to their personal and professional networks.
  2. Passives are clients who respond with a 7 or 8. They may be satisfied, but their response demonstrates an indifference to their experience working with your firm. You should not expect passives to be loyal clients, nor should you expect them to promote your firm to others.
  3. Detractors are clients who respond to the NPS question with a 0 through 6. These are your most at-risk clients, and the most likely to share negative feedback about your firm with their networks.

Your firm’s “score” is calculated by subtracting the % of detractors from the % of promoters in your respondent set.

By way of example, ClearlyRated’s lifetime NPS score is 84%, which is derived from the 86% of promoters across our company survey history minus the 2% detractors across our company survey history.

86% – 2% = 84% NPS.


Currently, the following awards are available to North American firms who survey clients with the ClearlyRated methodology and exceed industry standards for service excellence:

Don’t see your industry? If you’d like to request your industry makes the list, please reach out to ClearlyRated.

To be eligible for a ClearlyRated industry award, your firm must be located in the United States or Canada.

Learn more about award eligibility in your industry:

Regardless of surveying schedule, all competing firms must receive at least a 20% response rate AND at least 15 responses, or a minimum of 250 responses.

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