Who to Survey and How to
Qualify for Best of Award


Surveying your employees with ClearlyRated grants your firm eligibility to win the annual 'Best of' award for employee satisfaction. Each participating firm must pass the eligibility standards before they can move forward to earn the award.

Response Rate Requirements

Participating firms must receive at least 10 completed responses AND must receive a minimum response rate of 50%. If the participating brand received at least 250 responses, the participating brand does not have to receive a 50% response rate to be eligible.

Example 1: You provide a list of 36 employees. 18 of those employees complete the survey, that’s a 50% response rate. You meet the award eligibility requirement of at least a 50% response rate and at least 15 total responses.

Example 2: You provide a list of 1500 employees. 280 employees complete the survey, that’s a 19% response rate. This firm meets the award eligibility requirements because they have at least 250 responses despite not having a 50% response rate.

Employee Response Rate Graphic

NPS Requirement is 50% or Higher*

In order to qualify for the 'Best of' Employee award your firm needs to obtain a 50% NPS or higher. However, the 'Best of' Employee award is a two-part qualification process. To qualify, your firm must meet a 50% (see exceptions above) response rate and at least 10 responses or more and an NPS of 50% or higher.

Please review our Rules and Guidelines if you are participating in Best of Staffing.

*50% is the current minimum but is subject to change.