Start, Stop, Continue!

Now That Your Survey Has Closed We Suggest a Review of All Survey Feedback


The goal of this exercise is to develop ideas and foster discussion for an action plan.


We suggest:

  • Organizing responses by your segmentation and send them out to the leadership of each specific segment.
  • Managers should read the comments, share the results with his or her team, and follow-up with any unhappy clients.
  • Each manger should complete the Start, Stop, Continue exercise and report back with their findings.

Review your survey responses and find 3-5 suggestions that would improve your relationship and your client’s experience with your company. These initiatives can be as large or small as necessary, specific to 1 relationship or applicable to all of your clients.


Review your responses and find 3-5 issues your clients would like you to stop doing, or similarly, grievances they have with a specific circumstance of the relationship. This can be for 1 relationship or applicable to all of your clients.


Review your responses and find 3-5 comments where your clients are excited about your relationship and the service they have received. It is important for team members to receive the recognition they deserve from leadership, we encourage you to showcase them!