NPS® Financial Impact Report
Setup Guide

What is the Financial Impact Report?

The ClearlyRated Financial Impact Report is designed to demonstrate, in real dollars, the ROI of your satisfaction survey program, as well as provide crucial insight into the accounts that you're surveying.

Who Receives the Financial Impact Report

Any user designated as a Key Contact is automatically enrolled in the Financial Impact Report. Account administrators can enroll any user they wish to receive the report in the Dashboard - see the video below.

How Do I Access My Financial Impact Report?

Your Financial Impact Report is automatically sent to your email inbox!

  • By default, the report sends once per quarter. This setting can be changed in your Dashboard. You can also choose to receive the report annually, monthly, or weekly - see the video below.
  • By default, the report sends on the 11th day of the first month of every quarter. If you adjust the cadence of your reports, you can further customize the timing of your report send.
Can I Customize My Firm's Financials for the Report?

Yes! You can now customize your financials to maximize the accuracy of your Financial Impact Report. It's easy to do this in the Dashboard - see the video below.**

**This feature is available to Enterprise clients only.

Enabling the Financial Impact Report

Enabling your Financial Impact Report from within the Dashboard is easy!

  1. Navigate to Manage -> Users
  2. Select a user then click or scroll to Notifications
  3. Toggle the Financial Impact Report on and off.
  4. From here you can also: send yourself a report immediately, adjust the cadence of your report sends, specify a time period from which the report pulls data, and add custom financials if you are eligible.