How to Manage Units and Tags

We know how important data is at ClearlyRated! However we also know that over time your data can change. These changes can create inconsistancies that make it hard to see trending year over year or to get an accurate picture of how some of your segments are doing.

Use the quick links below to learn how to manage your segments in the clearlyrated dashboard and deal with any inconsistencies!

    How to Merge a Unit or a Tag 

    1. Login to the dashboard and click manage and then click structure or tags.

    image of dashboard menu with "tags" selected

    2. Find the one of the tags you want to merge and click the actions menu. From here, select merge.

    tags page open and showing recruiter tags. One of the action dropdowns is open and merge is selected

    3. You should typically chose to merge older tags into newer tags. If you're not sure what you've been using most recently, use the "download tags" or "download structure" options in the quicklinks menu on the left. This download has a csv with all your tags or units and the date they were last attached to a contact.

    4. Once you've selected merge on the older tag, a menu will open asking you which tag you want to merge it into. You can only merge tags or units of the same type. For example, you can't merge a recruiter and an account manager. The choose a tag manager will show you a few available tags to merge with or you can type into the search box to find the one you're looking for.

    menu displaying a selection of recruiters and a search box

    5. Finally, you'll be prompted to confirm your merge. Merges are completely irreversible so read these warnings carefully!

    Final tag merge menu with "this is irreversable" warnings
    How to Rename a Unit or a Tag

    If you don't need to combine a tag, but would like to change it's name in the dashboard, or you want to make sure your older data will align with your upcoming data, you can rename a unit or a tag.

    1. On the units or tags page, click the action dropdown and select "edit"

    2. On the tag information page you can edit the tag name and hit "change"

    3. That's it! The tag name will change everywhere it's already being used (on contacts, in the data-trends table, and under user access). It will not remove user access to the tag or remove it from contact records associated with the tag.

    How to Delete a Unit or a Tag 

    Not all tags can be deleted, but if a tag doesn't have any contacts associated with it then you can delete it.

    1. Go to the tags or units page and find the tag you want to delete. If it has any contacts associated with it you will not be allowed to delete it.

    2. If there are 0 contacts associated, and it's not a tag being used for a competing brand or mapped location, then the delete button will be clickable.

    3. Click delete and then confirm that you really want to delete the tag!


    What's the difference between a unit and a tag?

    Units and Tags work almost the same way in the ClearlyRated dashboard. However, there are a few key differences:

    User notifications and access can only be based on a unit (found under the structure menu)

    Tags always apear after units on the data reporting tables. 

    Brands are always units and there are special rules for merging them. You may not be allowed to do so if your brands are already registered for a competition or have been registered for one in the past. 

    What happens to user access if I merge two tags or units?

    Merging units or tags will affect user access and may allow users to see more survey contacts and survey results than they previous could view. However, our system will not resend any detractor or shoutout notifications because of tag merges. 

    Here's an example. If user Andy Bernard has access to your North-East division and user Nellie Bertram has access to the North division. They would not be able to see the same contacts in the dashboard. 

    However, if you merge the North-East division into the North division, then both Nellie and Andy will have access to the North division and will see the same results in the dashboard. 

    Will merging tags and units change my score?

    Merging units or tags cannot affect your competition score. 

    However, it may affect your data-trends table and your historical data. If you merge two units, for example Andy Bernard and Andrew Bernard, then the nps score associated with the two tags will be combined. This is not reversible so make sure you only merge tags that should be combined!

    You can also change the star ratings on your location if you merge two location tags together. However, we won't allow you to merge location tags that have already been mapped to separate profile pages. 

    How do I know which tag or unit to merge?

    Your data may change a little year over year, but if you want to see accurate data-trending in the dashboard it's important to keep it as consistant as you can. 

    We typically recommend that you merge older tags to newer tags because the newer tags are more likely to match your current database, crm, or ats. 

    To find out what tag is newer, you can go to the tags or structure pages and click download on the right side of the page under the quick links menu. This download includes a "last used" column as well as all your units or tags. You can scan this list to find similar tags that should be merged. (ie,
    "Portland, OR" and "Portland, Oregon"). You can also look in your own crm or ats to figure out what your most up-to-date naming conventions are. 

    Why can't I merge or delete this unit or tag?

    Some units and tags cannot be merged or deleted by the user. If you get a message in the dashboard saying you can't merge or delete something here are some possible reasons. 

    • Both tags or units you are trying to merge are mapped to a location on your profile page. 
    • The tag you're trying to delete has contacts associated with it. 
    • The brands you're trying to merge are competitors in on of our Best Of competitions or have been in the past. 

    If you can't merge a tag that you think should be merged, reach out to your account manager for help!