Insurance Industry Benchmarks

2021 Insurance Client Satisfaction Benchmarks
Questions / Benchmarks
Scaled Answer Options; 0 to 10 & I Don't Know: 0 = Not at all likely, 10 = Extremely likely

NPS 34%
Based on your most recent experience, how likely would you be to recommend [brand] to a friend of colleague?

Percent of clients that answered "Yes". Not including: No and N/A.

Responsiveness 72%
My phone calls and emails are __________ returned within 24 hours.


Quality 72%
[Brand] ___________ delivers high quality, error-free work. 


Value 54%
The firm's services are ___________ a good value, given the cost.


Needs 72%
[Brand] ___________ has a thorough understanding of my needs.


Proactive 56%
[Brand] is ___________ proactive in their approach to helping me.