How to Send a Test Survey


These directions will show you how to preview a ClearlyRated survey invitation before your launch day! You can test all variations of our survey invitation including your reminders and any languages you have enabled.

Step 1. 
  • Navigate to your schedule in the dashboard. Note: If you're not an admin level user this option might not be available for you.
Screenshot showing navigation from the dashboard to the client audience schedule


Step 2. 
  • In the calendar view, find your current survey. It may take a time for the schedule to load because this page is data heavy!
  • You can identify survey send events by the paper airplane icon at the top right corner. Click "Send a Test" on whichever survey invitation you would like to preview.
picture of the survey schedule menu in month view with arrows pointed at
Step 3. 
  • If your account doesn't use multiple brands, languages, or special segment filters then you'll be able to click "Send test emails" immediately. Within a couple minutes you'll receive an email with a test survey invitation and preview survey link. If it doesn't arrive double check your spam and trash folders!
  • If your survey is segmented by brand, language, or other tags, then you'll get to make selections to customize your test survey. Options that appear will be based on which contacts have been uploaded and filtered to that survey. Filters that are applied to this particular survey event (such as touchpoint) are already included and won't show up as an option.
Menu of survey preview demonstrating the users ability to send one survey per brand.
Advanced Tips
  • Ever wanted to customize your survey questions or email text? We can help with that! Ask your customer success manager about upgrading to Enterprise.
  • If you haven't uploaded any contacts you can still send yourself a test survey, but the contact information won't be filled out (ie. It will say "Hi ," instead of "Hi Jane").
  • You can send yourself a test survey for every brand you have! Survey links will match the brand you selected so you can preview how your logo appears to your survey takers.
  • The survey link in the test email is a preview! These surveys can't be submitted or affect your score so feel free to forward them to other people who would like to review the survey text.