How to Create Star Rating Widgets for Recruiters & Account Managers


The ClearlyRated Star Ratings Widget allows you to (1) embed a stand-alone application in your website or (2) embed a dynamic image into your email signature to show your most recent star ratings. The ClearlyRated Star Rating Widgets for Recruiters & Account Managers are easy to set up and distribute across your organization. 

The Star Rating Widgets for Recruiters & Account Managers are currently only available to ClearlyRated clients who have opted into the early access program. This includes up to 15 free recruiter or account manager star rating widgets to use through the rest of 2020. This early access program includes providing the ClearlyRated Product team with user feedback over email or phone and taking a short survey toward the end of this year to help ClearlyRated solidify this features value, messaging & pricing.

Step 1. Navigate to the ClearlyRated Widget Page

Log into your ClearlyRated dashboard > Online Profile >  Widgets, follow the instructions to generate your widget.


Step 2. Configure your Star Rating Widget to Display on a Website or an Email Signature

Choose if you want to create a widget for an email signature or to display on a website. 


Step 3. Select 'Add Custom Widget' 

Selected the grey buttoned called 'Add Custom Widget'.


Choose Your Survey Segment–Recruiter or Account Manager.

Then, select the names of the people you want to create a star rating widget for.

Step 4. Your Star Ratings Widget Will Calculate (takes up to 10 minutes)

Check out the table below to see where your star rating widgets display when they are ready. Follow the instructions to get the star ratings displayed.

Step 5. Easily share a recruiter or account manager's star rating with them

Call or email if you have any questions or need help at all along the way!

Tracy Streebel
VP Product
[email protected]