Internal Pre-Survey Announcement


Letting your internal staff know you have partnered with ClearlyRated to send a satisfaction survey will help them know what to expect and give them time to plan effective follow-up. Use the following tips to help you compose your own communication.

Announcement Best Practices
  • Share the date that the survey will be sent. Explain that it will remain open for two weeks.
  • Include the name and/or title of the person who has signed the email. The survey invitation email will be signed by someone at your firm. You will designate this person in your survey contact list. Survey recipients may want to reach out to the person who signs the email, and may mention the survey in future correspondence. Therefore, it’s important that everyone is on the same page and aware of the survey.
  • Include a link to view a sample of the survey that’s supplied by your ClearlyRated Account Manager. Explain that the short and concise survey format has been proven to garner a strong response rate and receive timely and actionable account level feedback.
Sample Announcement Email


Hi [Name],

I’m excited to announce that [brand] has partnered with satisfaction research firm ClearlyRated to take a pulse of our relationships with clients to find out how we are doing. [In two weeks/Next week/Over the next few days], we will email the clients that we have done business with over the past quarter to ask them to participate in a short survey to collect their feedback.


The email will be signed by [insert name/title], and they will receive an email notification any time their clients give a satisfaction score of 6 or lower out of 10. [state your expectations for followup on email notifications here].


Thanks in advance for your understanding. I look forward to reading our client feedback and strengthening our business.