What is a Shout Out?


Shout Outs are a part of your employee satisfaction survey. A Shout Out is an opportunity for one of your employees to recognize a co-worker in the company who has gone above and beyond for them.

How It Works:

  • Once an employee submits an employee satisfaction survey they are asked a few additional optional questions.
  • The first additional question lets your employees know that you are collecting testimonials to use as part of your recruiting material and asks what the employee likes best about working at your firm.
  • The second additional question – “Has a co-worker at [brand] gone above and beyond for you?” This question gives them the opportunity to give you a ‘Shout Out’.
  • The survey responder will fill in the co-worker's name and write the shout out in the open-end text box.
  • This message will be sent to the admin level user on your account. Your team can decide the best way to distribute Shout Outs in your organization. The email notification looks like this:
  • Shout Outs are a great way to recognize employees who exemplify your great workplace culture.

How You Get a Shout Out:

  • At the end of the survey, the survey taker is asked if there is someone at your company who has gone above and beyond for them.


  • When the survey taker selects "Absolutely!" they will be taken to another page where they can enter the co-worker's name and give feedback about the co-worker's performance.
  • If the survey taker gives a Shout Out, they will see the below message thanking them for the kind words and letting them know they will be passed along.


Celebrate Wins!


There are multiple ways that you can celebrate when one of your survey respondents takes the time to recognize someone at your company by giving them a Shout Out. For employee surveys, Shout Outs are set up to only be shared with the top level of management.

Here are some ways to celebrate wins:

  • Pass the Shout Outs to the manager of the person receiving the Shout Out so they can use them during one-on-ones to encourage their team member.
  • Highlight a handful of Shout Outs during staff meetings to rally the troops.
  • Weekly Shout Out Counts, have posted in the office a board with the number of Shout Outs that have come in during that week. At the end of the survey, share the results with the entire team.
  • Forward the Shout Out and send a congratulations in response to the Shout Out so the team member that received the recognition also gets that internal pat on the back.