Start, Stop, Continue!

Now That Your Survey Has Closed We Suggest You Review All Survey Feedback


The goal of this exercise is to develop ideas and foster discussions for improvement.


We suggest:

  • Organize feedback to identify key areas of improvement for the company as a whole and at department-level.
  • Managers should read the comments in order to better understand pain points that they can address for their teams.
  • Each manger should complete the Start, Stop, Continue exercise and report back with their findings.
  • Review your employee survey responses and find 3-5 suggestions that you could start doing to improve the experience that your employees have working at your company. These initiatives can be as large or small as necessary, specific to single teams or applicable at company level.
  • Review your responses and find 3-5 issues your employees have identified that your company needs to address and stop doing; such as not being transparent or not being inclusive. This feedback should make you informed of issues that you might not be aware of otherwise. We encourage you to be transparent about this feedback and share it with steps you will take to promote a better company culture.
  • Review your responses and find 3-5 comments where your employees are excited for you to continue what you are currently doing at your company. A great place to look for these are in your employee testimonials and shout outs. The company testimonials can be used in your recruiting materials and shared online to help set your company apart. And Shout Outs are an excellent way to celebrate employees that are going above and beyond; we encourage you to showcase them!