Downloading Reports


There are over a dozen different reports that are available for download. Here we will highlight the most commonly used reports and provide details on some helpful reports.

Navigating to the Reports

Login to the dashboard and select the most recent survey.

Reports are accessible within the “Reports” dropdown in the upper right hand corner.

Your Reporting Options


1. Survey Results (PDF): Use this report when sharing results and updates with your team. It pulls your current data into a ready-to-print format. It compares your data to industry benchmarks, your NPS Driver results and NPS by each segment. You can download this report with or without responses.

2. Satisfaction Summary (PDF): A ready-to-print PDF report that is intended to share with clients (new and existing) and internal employees. It displays your Brand/ Region/Office (anything you’re filtered on) information compared to the industry, explains NPS and highlights your promoters.

3. All Responses Report (Excel): Utilize this report when you are looking to filter on several segments or quickly share overall responses in a raw format. It’s not the prettiest - but it is super useful!

4. Issues (Excel): These reports are ideal for managing your issue resolution process. Download the History report to view all issues that have been created. You can view the current:

  • Status (Open/Closed)
  • Resolution (Resolution in Progress/Not an Issue/Resolved/etc.)
  • Date it was last updated
  • Who it was last updated by
  • Any notes on the issue

5. Non-Responses (Excel): As your survey is in the field, find out who hasn’t responded. Heck, you can even track down their unique survey link and send it out!






Bulk Download

Whenever you see the following button, you have the ability to download an individual file for every list item within that segment. For example, Account Managers:

Within the segment "Account Managers" we have a handful of examples listed. By clicking the Bulk Download button, you can generate a separate excel doc for every AM listed like so: