Testimonial Best Practices

The most credible salesperson is someone who doesn’t work for you.


Trusted Sources of Information About Staffing Firm Quality


How to Use Testimonials

On Social Media

As a Sales Tool

Anyone can find 10 testimonials. Stand out and share the number of testimonials you receive.

“On our last survey, over 150 promoters shared a testimonial!”

In a recent study the top three things that make a testimonial most valuable to prospective clients are:

  • The testimonial is shared by someone in my industry
  • The testimonial addresses an issue important to me
  • The testimonial is shared by a highly regarded company in my industry


With that in mind, filter and download your testimonials by branch location or industry to share more applicable data with potential clients.

On your Website

Post your most recent testimonials on your website! Make sure to keep these updated regularly and include a time stamp so visitors know they are current.

Why Are Testimonials Effective?

Testimonials build trust

Your brand experience is your best marketing tool. And no one can communicate this experience more effectively than someone who doesn’t work for you.

Testimonials aren't “Salesy”

Because testimonials aren't written in your "voice," they stand out in your copy as candid and unbiased accounts of other clients’ or talents’ experience.