Internal Employee Survey Overview


Employee Satisfaction Survey

Are your employees engaged?

Do they love working at your company?

An employee survey measures the satisfaction, engagement, loyalty, pride and excitement of your staff. It also provides insight into thoughts, perceptions and struggles that will enable you to grow your bottom line.


Our Solution: Employee Satisfaction Survey

Measure the satisfaction of your employees through a short and simple 10 question survey, where responses are anonymous and segmented according to the structure of your company.

Unlike a Best Places to Work survey where your employees feedback and ratings qualify you to win an award, ClearlyRated’s Employee Satisfaction Survey Program has no strings attached. This will enable you to start a real conversation of what’s working, what’s not and how you can improve.

Sample Email Invitation

FROM: ClearlyRated

SUBJECT: [brand] – Short Survey

I’m excited to announce that we have partnered with satisfaction research firm ClearlyRated to take a pulse of our organization to find out how we are doing. The purpose of the survey is to provide us with insight and confirmation of the top drivers of employee engagement and satisfaction. Please complete the online survey no later than [date], the survey will take approximately 10 minutes to complete.

We will review the feedback that ClearlyRated provides and use the data to serve as a benchmark for evaluating our HR and people practices. Your feedback helps identify our organization’s strengths as well as opportunities for improving our employee experience. Please know that your feedback will be completely anonymous. We want to have your candid assessment of what most engages you at [brand].

Thanks in advance for taking the time to give your feedback.


Eric Gregg

CEO and Founder




This survey was sent to you by ClearlyRated on behalf of [Brand]. If you have any questions or problems with the survey, please contact ClearlyRated at 800-921-2640, or by email at [email protected]. Read our Privacy Policy.

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Best Practices | FAQ

Anonymity in survey responses

We promise anonymity to your employees when they respond to the survey. This gives them an opportunity to share candid feedback without concern of any repercussion. Anonymity is achieved by hiding all employee contact information and restricting reporting abilities to filter and sort responses.

One of our best practices is for the email inviting your employees to participate in the survey is signed by ClearlyRated’s CEO, Eric Gregg. Within this email we invite your employees to contact us directly with any questions or concerns, again providing them with another level of anonymity. Internal Employee survey programs are a true partnership, we want to become an ally for all employees at your firm.

Customizing survey questions

You’re able to customize 9 out of the 10 survey questions. The first question, the Net Promoter question, must stay but the other can be customized to align with your internal initiatives. We have many question options that your account manager will share with you or, working together with your account manager, you can draft new unique survey questions.

Who should be involved in the survey process?

We suggest those in a senior leadership position to have full access to the survey results. At a minimum your HR team should be involved in compiling the employee contact list.

Clarity on expectations from leadership

As you announce the survey to staff we suggest shaping the message with an expectation of participation, explain the survey is anonymous and the purpose is to make the organization a better place to work. You’ll accomplish this by tapping into staff ideas on how you can grow and improve.

We encourage you to set an expectation that all results will be reviewed and shared with the organization by a specific timeframe.

Action Plan

Once the survey has closed review the results, specifically the open-ended survey questions. Find common themes in the data and begin to create an action plan with potential process changes, automation adjustments, internal communication, etc.

Your ClearlyRated Account Manager will help you explore ideas of how to review the results. One exercise we find helpful is Start, Stop, Continue. Your Account Manager will provide a template for you to use.

Sharing Results

First share results with senior leadership and managers. We recommend sharing the results with the entire organization. When you share results include your Action Plan so employees know what changes they should expect to see and when they will be implemented.

Sharing results with the organization should be a positive experience. All organization from one level to another have shortcomings, these should be recognized addressed and given specific examples of how it will improve. Overall the tone should be appreciative of the time staff spent responding to the survey and excited that for what’s to come.

Incentives for Participation

We all love perks for participation, and it does impact response rate. Examples of these incentives can be if 80% of employees respond everyone will receive a $5 coffee card or doughnuts in the break room, some organizations will offer a few hours of PTO. Get creative!