Client Engagment Survey
Program Overview


Increase Your Retention Rate

Here’s an idea that won’t surprise you: client retention is a key driver of success for your firm; however, in an industry where service providers ubiquitously recognize the value of cultivating healthy, profitable, long-lasting client relationships—we find a significant gap between believing in a client-centric philosophy and taking the steps to execute on one.

ClearlyRated is helping firms fix the broken link between their client engagement strategy and execution. Improve retention and referrals, while boosting satisfaction across critical points in your relationship with key clients. This program will increase both visibility and accountability across your firm.

ClearlyRated will partner with your firm to identify strengths and areas of opportunity within your process by surveying your clients at the end of engagement (weekly, monthly, etc.) and provide you with the tools to take very specific actions that will impact the overall experience with your brand.

Survey Process