How to Add a New User


Adding Users to Your Dashboard

  1. Log in to your dashboard and select ‘Manage’
  2. Select ‘Users’
  3. Choose which access level you would like them to have
  4. Add their contact information
  5. Select the Project Access, then ‘Update Project Access’
  6. Choose their reporting structure from the dropdown (it can be by the individual, overall, region etc.), then ‘Update Access’
  7. Confirm which notifications they should receive, you can customize the ‘Rates satisfaction’ from 10, meaning they would receive an email notification for every response that comes in, then ‘Update Notifications’

Adding Users to Your Dashboard

Sending a Password – Four options!

  1. Click ‘Send Password Email’ when you create a contact, triggering an email to the person who you’re creating a profile for.
  2. Create Reset link: Click that button to create a url link that you can copy, paste and email the person directly. (This is a good option if you have a strong spam filter as the auto email may get caught in there)
  3. Click ‘Reset Password’ at the profile level to auto send an email to the individual.

4. Send the following instructions to individual(s) who have been set up in the dashboard:

  • Go to:
  • Type in your email address (this will be your username going forward)
  • Click 'Reset password'
    • This will trigger a link to be sent to your inbox. Please check your spam as well as primary folders for this email.
    • The link will be live for 24 hrs once you hit that reset button.

Different User Settings Explained

  • Administrator: Holds the keys to the castle. Full access. All the things. You’re welcome.
  • Standard User: Most commonly used. Users can receive notifications, view surveys in the dashboard and have access to reports. Users can’t update contacts.
  • Limited User: Restricted to minimal activities, can just view the schedule
  • Notification-Only User: Receives Shout outs and detractor notifications. No access to the dashboard.
  • Detractor-Only User: Detractor notifications only. No access to the dashboard.

Pro Tip! You can select access for one of the above but can also cherry pick from the one higher options! Ex. Being a standard user but giving access to ‘manage contacts’ from Admin level.

Further Customizing Notifications

Once the user has been created and reporting segments have been added. You can further customize the notifications that you want to receive. For example, in the picture below this user has access to Overall (which is a nice way of saying, everything!!) as well as access to “Sara Example”:

What’s really cool is you can either set up notifications in two different ways. Globally versus Individually. 


By default, the notifications are setup “Globally”, meaning that for the reporting segment(s) that each user has access to, the following notification setting will be applied equally to everything they have access to. In the below example, this user would receive all detractor responses (0-6) as well as Shout Out notifications, Escalation emails and if an issue was updated for the “Overall” and “Sara Example” segments.


If you want to further customize the email notifications, setting those individually is going to be the way to go. In the example below, this user continues to have Overall access (meaning, they’ll see all the feedback in the dashboard), but their notifications have been customized to where this user will only be receiving Shout Out, Issue Changed and Escalation email notifications from the contacts that are associated to the Account Manager “Sara Example” in the survey.

Modifying user settings “Individually” allows each specific user to see the data in the dashboard you want them to access while receiving email notifications on what perhaps might be the highest priority for your company or that individual.