Published by Nathan Goff - 08/26/19

ClearlyRated + Bullhorn | Integration Announcement

At ClearlyRated, we obsess over client and candidate feedback. And we stand by the belief that the most successful survey programs are those that make their results visible across the entire organization.

That’s why we’re thrilled to announce our first integration with Bullhorn – a leading applicant tracking system and CRM in the staffing and recruiting space!

With ClearlyRated’s Bullhorn integration, feedback from your ClearlyRated survey program is accessible in a custom tab within the Bullhorn platform, allowing for all of a client contact and candidate’s information, including their satisfaction scores and feedback, to be easily accessible in one place.

Our integrated vision

Many of the staffing firms that partner with ClearlyRated to survey their clients and candidates run into the same problem: they have access to powerful feedback and satisfaction data down to the contact level, but must figure out how to get that information into the hands of all of their account managers and recruiters – those who are in the field nurturing these relationships day in and day out (and, frankly, the most likely to have a meaningful impact on that service experience).

With our new Bullhorn integration, any historical satisfaction scores and feedback from a given contact is seamlessly visible within that contact’s Bullhorn record – creating a simple native solution for distributing survey responses to the people that need them most. No more creative hacks, no more Excel wizardry and import headaches – just a seamless experience for real-time access to client and candidate feedback data.

Survey feedback as a custom tab

The ClearlyRated tab is easily navigable for anyone within your team who has been granted access. The custom tab appears in the top navigation bar within a client contact and candidate record on the Bullhorn ATS platform.

Within the ClearlyRated tab, if the contact has participated in a ClearlyRated survey, all of their historical survey data as well as any new feedback will automatically populate real-time (the same way it appears in the ClearlyRated survey dashboard). This information will include:

  • Net Promoter(R) score response
  • Historical view of survey feedback (including responses to driver questions and open-ended response like testimonials and shout outs)
  • Issue resolution tracking

How to get the integration

If you are currently utilizing Bullhorn and are subscribed to ClearlyRated at the premium package level or higher – the integration is available to you at no extra cost! To get started, head to your ClearlyRated dashboard for a step-by-step guide with built-in documentation for how-to set up your Bullhorn integration (note: must be an admin level user to set up integration).

And, if you don’t already work with ClearlyRated, we’d love to chat more with you about how we can help measure the client and candidate experience at your firm. Please feel free to contact us for more information about our survey program. Or, you can read about ClearlyRated’s survey program for staffing firms here.

Looking ahead – what’s next

The team at ClearlyRated is currently hard at work building out “phase 2” of our integration with Bullhorn, which we will introduce in the late fall of 2019! In an effort to open the door to more simplified and frequent surveying, this iteration will allow for automated contact data pull from Bullhorn to ClearlyRated. More to come this November!

We are incredibly proud to be partnering and integrating with our friends at Bullhorn, a leading solutions provider in the staffing industry. Our integration work is just beginning, and we look forward to partnering with other providers to build integrations that will help our clients place the client and talent experience at the heart of their growth strategy!

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