Meet the ClearlyRated
Leadership Team

Bridget Harper, VP of Customer Success

Bridget Harper is ClearlyRated's VP of Customer Success. In that role, she works with executives and leaders to help them measure and improve the service they provide to their clients. Bridget believes that the best way to consult on a "Wow" experience, is by creating one at ClearlyRated. Her team works hard to not only be a valued partner, but also the one you most look forward to working with throughout the year.

Bridget grew up in Missoula, Montana and graduated with a BFA from Montana State University. Anyone familiar with Montana will understand the shock value in that sentence. Bridget in her free time (prior to having kids) loves to paint and hike. Now she and her husband spend their free time spoiling their two daughters who are quite arguably the cutest kids in the world (ask Bridget, she’ll stand by that).