98% of Staffing Firms that Survey with ClearlyRated Report a Positive ROI

For more than 10 years, ClearlyRated has helped staffing and recruiting firms in the U.S. and Canada measure the experience they provide to their clients and placed talent. And I’m very proud to share that we practice what we preach.

On a monthly basis, we utilize our own ClearlyRated survey platform to ask our staffing firm clients for feedback about the caliber of the survey experience we provide. After every survey that we launch on behalf of a client, we ask them to rate us on the Net Promoter® scale (i.e. how likely are they to refer us to a friend or colleague?), and we invite feedback about the key benefits that they receive as a part of the ClearlyRated survey program.

Below are the results of feedback from staffing and recruiting firms that participated in Best of Staffing 2021.

65% of staffing firms that survey through ClearlyRated have identified one or more at-risk accounts.

Client churn is a major pain point for staffing and recruiting firms, and can be fatal in times of disruption. While it can be tempting to assume that you have a tight pulse on the satisfaction of every account, our industry research finds that hiring managers are more likely to be Detractors than Promoters of their primary firm. What’s more, more than 65% of the staffing firms who survey their clients with ClearlyRated identify at-risk revenue. It would be a mistake to underestimate the potential value of surveying your clients.

A proactive approach to gathering client feedback allows you to quickly identify, and more importantly, follow up with any service issues or unhappy clients you might have otherwise been blind to, ultimately preventing client churn or lost revenue.

98% of our staffing firm clients say that ClearlyRated helps them differentiate from the competition.

In staffing and recruiting, the promise of excellent service and a world-class client and talent experience only goes so far. With 88% of staffing professionals claiming that their firm “differentiates” on service, it can be difficult to rise above the noise and truly stand out in a crowded market. The staffing brands that successfully differentiate themselves today are those that provide credible proof of the service experience they deliver to clients and job seekers, and they leverage the voices of those stakeholders to help tell their story of service excellence.

That’s where ClearlyRated comes in. Our survey tool is designed to capture as many testimonials from clients and placed candidates as possible. In fact, staffing firms who surveyed their clients with ClearlyRated in the last 12 months earned, on average, 95 client testimonials through their survey program! That number is even higher for firms who have surveyed their placed talent through ClearlyRated in the last 12 months—those firms are averaging 602 testimonials from their placed talent!

Similarly, because our survey program translates client and talent feedback into searchable online ratings on, staffing and recruiting firms that survey their clients and talent have the unique ability to publicly—and credibly—prove the quality of service they provide to their prospective buyers and job seekers.

In fact, among the top 150 staffing firms in the United States, the average ClearlyRated client generates 276 online ratings per location on That’s more than 4x more than those firms earn on Indeed, Glassdoor, and Google COMBINED. In addition, these firms average a ClearlyRated overall rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars, versus 3.5 stars on Google, 3.2 stars on Glassdoor, and 3.1 stars on Indeed.

98% of staffing firms that survey their clients and/or talent with ClearlyRated report a positive ROI.

This metric of success means the world to us. We work hard every day to meaningfully invest in our program so that ClearlyRated not only helps staffing firms measure the client and talent experience they provide, but also empowers them to leverage their survey results to differentiate on service quality and fuel online reputation.

Our efforts to continue adding value for our clients include:

  • Rolling out new features to extend the value of our survey platform, including our clients’ ability to credibly prove their quality of service through online ratings (check out our Star Ratings Widget!).
  • Building integrations with key ATS and CRM platforms to make survey feedback more accessible, actionable, and impactful to your firm.
  • Continuously investing in the user experience within our survey dashboards to make reporting and monitoring the client experience a breeze.
  • Providing dedicated Account Managers who are committed to finding opportunities to help our clients feel supported and empowered in reaching their client survey objectives.
Still not convinced?

We’d love the opportunity to provide even more proof points and examples of how the ClearlyRated survey platform helps staffing and recruiting firms retain critical revenue and differentiate from the competition. Please give us a call at 1-800-921-2640 or fill out our contact form to speak with a member of our Business Development team.

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